Ok, so some of they newer teachers at my school are getting laid off because of lack of funds, and since everyone likes these teachers so much, a bunch of the Students at my school went on a protest to try and prevent the teachers from getting laid off. Finally, the school administrators got tired of the students sitting there and threatened saturday school, which ended the main protest. I didn’t attend, but all my friends did, and now I’m getting shit from them. What I don’t get is that this change went through the school board, so the school administrators had no jurisdiction. my friends don’t understand this, and are complaining and planning to rally again monday. So I was wondering if this sort of thing has happened to anyone else’s school, or job, or anything else like it.

Whoa, your school actually had the balls to stand up for their beliefs?
All the schools I’ve attended unfortunately just don’t care enough to do anything even if there’s a unanimous idea that something is wrong.
Where do you live?

EDIT: I used to belong to a group of kids that would read our Student Rights and Responsibilities often, and talk to teachers when we thought they were doing something wrong. More out of arrogance than nobility, but it was fun <_>

im sure you all remember the ‘walk out’ from 2006, that was pretty big at my school. if you dont know what im talking about, it was this protest at many schools where the mexican kids walked out of school to protest immigration laws. at least thats how i remember it.
thats pretty much the only protest my school has had.

lol, mexicans

If I went to public school, I’d probably yell at the teacher on a daily basis because of God’s inclusion in the Pledge of Allegiance.

  1. If you went to a public school where they have the pledge of allegiance.
    We don’t recite it at my school.
  2. The teacher can’t do a damn thing about the word God except not make you say it. Which almost no teachers do anyway.

I recall the Mexican walk out. That was interesting.

s followed by various letters and numbers: What type of protest was it at your school? A march, a boycott, random acts of violence, attempted caticide? Was there a large portion of students participating? Because if there were, and if they really cared about these teachers, they should have continued protesting, and then either not attend Saturday school, or use that time for continued protesting.

Algy: I have not attended a school where they require you to say the pledge for many years. And if they do, it is not the teachers decision, so if you yell at the teacher all that you are accomplishing is insubordination, which most schools have repercussions for.

(P.S. As the mighty Douglas Adams once prophesied…The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is indeed 42. But the Question to Life, the Universe and Everything is in fact 50-ten.

I am aware that I may have said this before, but if I did, no one responded…)

Yeh, I just would probably be very argumentative in that situation. Fortunately I’m homeschooled.

Homeschooling = hell, as far as I’m concerned.

Oh, and NK, you made a mistake. 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of LUE, not to LUE. Doesn’t really matter that much, but it bugs me to death when people say that.

And there’s not much to say to that. <_<

Have you ever BEEN homeschooled?

No, but I’ve heard the stories. You know, the whole not seeing other people ever in your life deal and such.
And yes, I understand that you can go out and see your friends or something, but you’re never exposed to just random people like you are in school.

It was just a large group of students protesting. They really didn’t want the teachers to leave, but because of senority, the teachers were already being laid off. So the students protested, and when they threatened saturday school, the main party broke up because many students at our school fight for what they believe in, but when a person of higher threatens some sort of detention, they no longer care.


Homeschoolers go to weekly gatherings, classes, and have their own social structure that tends to be more friendly and larger than the one you’re used to in public school.

Try it before you diss it, kthnx.

Algernon, I’m just curious, do homeschooled kids have to take a high school equivalency test? I would assume so, but I’m not sure…

No, but we do have to take the ACTS and SATS.

I know from three years of experience, yes it’s hell. Your not missing much.

Speak for yourself.

I feel that there is some kind of irony in that, if they are capable of running school for another day, then it shows that they should be capable of keeping those teachers.

Yes, there is some irony in that, but they weren’t running the school. They were simply saying to keep the teachers. I know that many of my classmates actually attended their classes, so it perhaps wasn’t such a big deal.

You know whats even more ironic? How everybody is complaining about the world becoming stupider and stupider and yet some schools have to lay-off teachers because they are so poor.
Hhhm… lets spend millions of dollars making propaganda in form of a FPS (America’s Army) and not spend a lot on education. Yes! Thats how tax-payer’s money should be used!