Prospective Programmers

Well, I’m sixth months and ten days late, but I’d like to point out to anyone who may wish to become a programmer that Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition for free downloading. Each part is a bit short of 500 MB, so if you’ve got dialup, contact someone who doesn’t (such as me) and see about working out a deal that pertains to you mailing them some 50 cents for shipping and the price of the CD-R, and them mailing you said CD containing the program of your choice. Also, I’d like to note that the license agreement says that you are free to sell programs made with Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition. So for any aspiring coders out there… Enjoy!

Microsoft XNA is in beta and released. Make games for Windows and XB360.

I think…
So is there some sorta name that people who don’t want to take a year saying it’s full name it goes by?

You mean VB8, VC++8, VJ#8, VWD8, VC#8 (all summed up as VS8 rather than Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition)?

Which one is the free one? I can’t figure out which one you were talking about in first post to download it.

The whole compilation is free. You can program with any of them, so you get your choice. I like Visual Basic personally, but that’s because I’ve been using it for 4.5 years.

C++ went free? O_O YAY!!!
will download when on his original computer

I apologize ahead of time for necroposting but I have an update to give in this topic. Microsoft Visual 2008 edition is now free as well! I’m not sure how long it’s been but I just downloaded em and found it out =D

Dev-C++ is superior. <3
I started a DirectX tutorial (MAH FIRST WINDAH, WEW!!!) yesterday, btw. Ftw.

…wow, Tim, you and I are on the same track. Only, y’know, you have some drive to work on your programming while I haven’t touched mine since December.
I suck at this whole “teaching myself” thing, only because I don’t want to take the time to do it at the moment. Or the last six months. Which sucks, because I’ve understood everything so far, so… blegh.

I just hit a small snag D:
Error that I don’t understand. But every time I hit a snag, on fall back on continuing my GM6 game.
Programming’s fun :smiley:

And yeah, teaching yourself is weird. I just happen to really enjoy programming.

Tim, can you come round to my house, and kick me everytime I don’t start programming.
I’ve fallen out of the habit, I love it once I get started, but… BLAH.

I’d be happy to if you lived somewhere on my street. It’s a bit far to walk to the UK from Michigan ;/

Take a train. :astonished:

Yeah, lazy bum.
I’ll have to kick myself, then.

Hurr, you are plane. You could fly me over!

True, that.
Give me an address and I’ll be there.

Tim, where do you live in Michigan? Do you live in the main part, or the little dongle they stole from Wisconsin?
It’s a lot easier for you to get over to Minnesota, especially if you live on the Wisconsin part… unless you try to go through Madison, apparently. Yeah, really effed up over there at the moment. Anyway, you should come kick me when I don’t get moving on my programming, start something and don’t finish it or take forever to work on it, commit acts of pure idiocy, things of that caliber. I think it’d work great, except you’d be over here a lot.…2,0.075188&z=14

Feel free to stalk me, you creepy fucks.

EDIT: Or visit me, if you’d like. I’d appreciate that.

Aww, you live next to a field :smiley:
And a lake :smiley:

Actually, I do want to go now <_<
If ever I go to Michigan…