Project Metroid

So, for a while, I’ve been working on an update to Project Metroid. It was originally created (and maintained up to version 4.2.1) by VBub. I changed some outdated credits and whatnot, and added a third game, Meteroids, which is an Asteroids clone.

Project Metroid itself mainly consists of pet metroids of your own floating around your desktop, possibly chasing your mouse, etc.

To download my new version, click here:…;/fileinfo.html

For additional info (based on VBub’s last release), click here:

OH MY GOD IT’S ADORABLE! squeeze and huggle

OMFG I MADE TWO OF THEM!!! faints from happiness
EDIT: Oh god the childish pleasure. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Haha, I remember my first run of it.
Aww, they’re so cute…
(Even cuter once you fiddle with the movement values to make it smoother)

OMG i want it…to bad im browsing on wi…
i just got it and OMG its awsome!!! how do you put your own sprites on it? instructions confused me…
also, if you run the metroids ontop of java, lots of white squares appear…?
anyways this is awsome.

Reminds me of my tamagotchi attempt of Metroid lol. PM to know more. There’s no point in deviating the conversation.