Programming and Games

What’s the best programming language that games can be made with? What’s the most popular with professionals? Anybody know?

C++ I would guess.

C++ is indeed the most popular with professionals.

Alright, thanks.

Now I just need to find someone who knows C++…

Just get an E-Book on it and learn that way. That’s how I’m trying to learn it.

Also if you can find it, I suggest getting Codewarrior for programming in C++. A pretty decent program if you ask me.

I can’t learn it. I’ve tried over and over, but I don’t have the attention span. Every time I try, I’ll be able to code for maybe 30 minutes tops, then I’ll get horrendously bored and leave. You can’t learn what you don’t like doing. That’s why I switched from programming to 3D Animation.

C/C++ is the most popular, but not necessarily the best. Compilers can be expensive, so it isn’t the best place to start if you want to test the water before spending your money on programming tools.

Java is free (as well as both the Netbeans and Eclipse IDEs) and the latest version is only 1.1% slower in execution than C/C++ (based on benchmarks). Computer science (classes, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation) theory you have to learn in Java can mostly be applied C/C++.

Most people hate Java, but I’ve seen great things done with it, so you might want to try that.
C++ may seem hard, and it is, but if you look around you’ll see entire COMMUNITIES all over the Internet dedicated to making C++ games.
Game Maker is really unpopular, and for good reason. I used to like it because it was remotely easy, but most games go really slow and you can’t quite do EVERYTHING you want, even with the programming code.
MMF is good if you want to remake games like Pong, and 3D games are also good with it, but a recommendation is the Games Factory by Clickteam, the same company that made MMF. I recommend you try both and see what you think.
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And then there’s Python. With Python and PyGame, an experienced programmer would describe it as “easy, simple, game programming”. Be aware that Python is really slow, much slower than C++, but good for the whole game making scene.
There are many other languages out there, like LUA and Ruby, which are good if you’re working on a project using multiple languages.
For example, you could use OpenGL for 3D graphics, C++ as the main language, LUA for the scripting, and so on.

How on earth did you know all that?

If I told you I would lose all respect I have gathered on this Interweb.

You actually read that many manuals??? :O_O:

Not really, but I am studying Java right now.
Oh right, I forgot to rant about object-oriented programming.
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Nah, I won’t bore ya :stuck_out_tongue:

Go ahead, just don’t forget to mark spoilers. :smiley:

Programming is a bad idea, and so is CONTINUING TO BREAK THIS SITE’S RULES!