do we have any programers here?

Well, it’d be pretty difficult to make a fangame without a programmer, and look how many fangames we have… >_>

I need a lot of help with programing my fan game :frowning: would anybody like to help?

You might want to consider looking for some Star Fox fans who know how to program.

I don’t know if there are any starfox here that know to program? I know that there are programers here I don’t know if there into starfox

Let me reiterate. This is a Metroid board. You need a Star Fox board.

There might be someone here to help you, but they probably want to do something Metroid related.

Not me! Its to bad because I dont know how to programm. I got a question foxfan, can you programm? I dont know why people always use Game Maker if they dont even know how to use the dang thing. Use something easier. :angry:

I kinda Program.If you consider TGF programming.I’d say I’m fairly good at it.

I don’t know anything easer and thats free. I have a starfox bourd. what is TGF? I didn’t say that I was going to use game maker but I do know some of it.

Well, thats the thing. Its easy tolearn Game Makers click and drag
fuctions, cause i know all of them. But if you try to make a game without
programming on Game Maker it will most likley suck. I once made a metroid Game without any code. It was horrible!! I would recomend using TGF, MMF
,or anything else that is simple yet kind of powerful. Until you know GML, use something different. Just my advise though.

I guess no body is going to help me then right? :cry:

Well, let me put it this way. It doesnt look like many people here
like Starfox. And it also seems like all the programmers are working on different things. Like CF is working on a game. I will add that it looks very good.
So, try looking for programmers on a Starfox forum like Hoss said.
Just keep looking and maybe you will find someone.

Go to a Star Fox board! I’m not going to go into Carl’s Junior / Hardees for a truck, now am I?

I have a starfox bourd like a siad earlyer but they don’t know how to program I asked here becouse I know some peaple here that know how to program.I think what you siad was a SMART reply Mr smarty pants

I think he meant go to like an already-bustling SF board, because more fans will be there, and thus some that can program.

If that’s not what he meant, well, that’s my advice instead. XD

tryed that too thats why I’m asking help here is becouse I know peaple here are programers.

Every programmer starts somewhere from humble beginnings…

I could use a lot of help

Try a Game Maker forum (or whatever you want to make it in).

I’ve made a metroid demo thing without programming on the GM. i couldn’t find any bugs with it, and it was awesome. But if you’re looking for help programming, i also suggest the GM fourm. (which means i suggest you use Game maker)