Prince of Persia

Played it anyone, I personally have beate all of the console games and I think that the enemys in Warrior within are bitchy.

out of the main series, i would order them best to worst…

  1. prince of persia: sands of time
  2. prince of persia: the two thrones
  3. prince of persia: warrior within

though the last two are hazy for me, i know the first one is best simply due to the storyline.

two thrones has the awesome voice, plus an extremely good trailer-…+persia+thrones

and warrior within followed in the sands of time’s footsteps very well, with the whole paradox thing and all.

also, if you ask me, the two thrones compared better with its hype than twilight princess.

To true i have all 3 games for my PC, the only series that I didn’t pirate at least one game.

Weird, I just beats sand of time … last night? Or the night before that. Not sure. Recently, in any case.

Only one problem with it: SHORTEST. GAME. EVER.

There’s like 10 battles in the whole thing… like two boss fights? And the last boss is the easiest ever. HIT HIT HIT HIT HIT block HIT HIT HIT HIT HIT HIT block and repeat.

However, the battles are fun, the puzzles are fun, and not frustrating (usually), and the prince definitely possesses a very good amount of stylin’ (which made it replayable enough that I went back to the game to unlock the original)

Other than that, I’ve only played the… 2nd one? (I played it ages ago, so it might actually be a remake of the original, but I don’t think it is) which is, judging by the original I just unlocked, the same thing but a million times easier. And looks way better.

And really fun <_<

Well, so that’s that. As you can see, I am not an expert, but I love the series =D

Sands of Time has the most… bestest ending ever, btw.


Extra line.

You should play warrior within.
reasons: better combat system, more bosses and LONGER
then you should play The Two Thrones because it is even better that warrior within.