Here it is. i use one image and that image is in my avatar, to create this awsome sprite. you Must ask permission to use this sprite. i worked half aweek on this and it was long. Some assembly Aquired.

What part of “make your own work” inspired you to take apart a render and call it a sprite? That is not a sprite! That would not be usable as a sprite! >_<

so its a start…geez…and yes you can use it as a sprite :neutral_face:
you have to assemble it to be able to use it. :angry:
so what ar you talking about…

No, it is not a start. No, it can’t be used a sprite within this project.

It is a RENDER.


It can’t be used as a sprite in ANY project. That would EXPLODE the color limit.

Besides, this guy says he uses TGF. That has a 16-bit limit last I checked. That thing would get fucked up faster than … something fast.

Plus it has anti-aliased sides.

I’m also curious as to why you removed the legs. There are no other poses or angles for them, so there’s only one pose TO assemble.

You know, not to get completely off-topic on Prime’s lame-ass attempts to call something a sprite, but is anyone else noticing that gadget_wizard seems to encourage and defend his “little brother” every time no matter how stupid Prime’s so called sprites are? I’m starting to get the “Prime made a second account so someone would actually cheer for his crappy work” feeling.

They also have the same email address…

so, i use my brothers e mail. so what does that prove.
and dazzy, who said i was using TGF? i’m using game factory for mac codded and made by sawblade. :angry:

That is not a sprite and it won’t fit into a 2d game because if will make a computer lock up. And good job making it. :>_>:

Hey Prime, wanna take a guess at what TGF means? THE GAME FACTORY!! know, the thing that you just said you’re using according to this quote.

And who is sawblade? Is that somebody we are supposed to know or something?

I just googled it. Apparently what Prime is making it in is called “Power Games Factory” for Macs, made by Sawblade.

see!! :angry: geez, cut me sum slak guys.

What does it matter? No game making program on the net that is known to me anyway would be able to support that “sprite” you made regardless.

well i can at least try

You’ll be dissapointed at the results…

i can always reduce the quality of the image…or should i just giv up all hope…

That won’t work. Period. No matter what you do to it.

can i least try. if it does’nt work then i’ll just giv up ok?

Besides the fact, how the hell would you even use that as a sprite even if you could? Unless your game was in first person view, it wouldn’t even make sense to use, as Prime would be staring at the screen in a 2D sidescroller game.

Ever fought a zoomer in a 2d Metroid?

How about a Sidehpper?





X parasites?


Sure, the latter two don’t actually necessarily “face” a direction but they never turn either… . :stuck_out_tongue: