prime 2d for ds?

hey guys, i just found this web site and i was thinkin if you guys would be intrested in tryin out prime 2d on the ds/gba

[link removed]

it would be soo much easier if we could play 2d on a ds

Not possible. Not enough buttons, runs on the wrong sort of engine, all sorts of problems. Not to mention the copyright problems.

Also, that site has ROMs, so you can’t link to it. But that’s not the reason you linked it, so I won’t ban ya for it like the rules say I should. >_>

Actually, it would only be a +40% warn. >_>

Eh? Well we borrowed most of our rules from SCU, and they have it as a ban, so I assumed… >_>

Isn’t it kind of screwed up that stealing sprites has a higher penalty than stealing games? :neutral_face: