Prime 2D Demo v0. (the original April Fools' post)

NOTE: This was the original April Fools’ joke post. The more official topic is here.

Hey everyone! The time has finally come for the first public Prime 2D demo. Now you’re probably thinking this is another April Fools’ because of the date, but we decided in the spirit of our past “demos” we would release on April 1st.

The project has gone through many changes throughout the years and we have settled on what works best for us: Low Poly 3D. We ask that you keep your mind open, and enjoy our unique take on the series. This was made with love and care after all.

Here are some screen shots that don’t spoil too much:
awesome ohyeah thisisit

And here is the demo itself:
(Note: Updated to v0., make sure you have the A at the end if you downloaded early. Your save file will still be intact; just replace all the files)

See you next mission!

And be sure to discuss and give feedback in the P2D section! :smiley:

Thanks again for being ever so patient!

~ Team SCU