Poyger0's sprite thread

Just so You know, I’m ghett0 from the SCU forums.I’ve gotten better though, and this is my omega pirate:

Well, half.Less n00bish to.

…i have no idea what you were attempting to draw…i mean…you said omega pirate…but…

hm…maybe im looking at it wrong, ill check back when more is done.

To be blunt and realistic: it sucks.

And that was a nice trick faking the admin icon, but it’s still pointless.

…it’s just not done…or close…make it darker is all i can say so far. i think it’s arms and a head…if it is space em out more

O_o I never even knew an Omega Pirate could look like that…


…Why did you ban him?? Why was he banned on the P2D forums? He didnt spam or anything, just posted an overly shitty piece of bland artwork, and called it an Omega pirate.

mabie because he used that admin logo for his avitar. I dont know, dazzy could you fill us in?

Alt account of banned user.

ohh ya IP adress and e-mail. but what if they use a ananomous inernet service provider then they can make it in.

But then again who would want to get in to P2D than bad anyway. its cool but not that cool and you can acsess the demos without evan beeing a member.

So was he already banned on this forum, or just on the SCU forum??

And not to be nosy, but Why was he banned?? He seemed like he was contributing to the programming of the demo.

From past experience, it was probably something really stupid, seeing as how most people I’ve seen banned were for a little (albeit annoying) reason.

And Dazzy that was a pretty swift can of whoopass. Seriously. :O_O:

ghett0 was banned at SCU because he was constantly harassing me over AIM and I threatened to ban him … I had no actual power there of course, and he said he wasn’t a member here, but CFX helped me out with some fake administrative actions. He still didn’t give up, then he got himself banned for real.

Then here poyger0 states himself to be ghett0, so… poof!

thats messed up. thanks for enlightening us.(seriously)

:O_O: Owned.

I was a n00b… :cry: I wish I had a second chance…BTW:

dude, if you’ve been banned already, dont rejoin =(

and, daz, just cus he was a lil jackass on scu doesnt mean he’s going to be the same here, he might have changed his ways… just give him a chance.

ontopicness- good for a noob, but you should try working on leg positions, some of them look really unusual…

i like those alot more than my sprites…why do my sprites look so huge?

because in comparison to his, they’re big, but they’re really average to small scale sprites? does that answer ur question? xD >.>

no. it confuses me.