Can’t believe I forgot this… thanks to Timaster for reminding me. Same rules as usual…

I’ll start it off with the powerbomb reload!

I made some custom sprites! They may not look good, but I’m sort of begining on custom sprites.

5 Health, 20 Health, 100 Health, Morph Ball, Morph Ball Light Path
Power Beam, Charged Power Shot
Wave Beam, Charged Wave Shot, Wavebuster (Can be recolored for others)
Ice Beam, Charged Ice Shot
Plasma Beam, Charged Plasma Shot

No shading?!! :O_O:

Those aren’t too bad at all. I couldn’t make those. :stuck_out_tongue:
Of course, I’m not exactly even mediocre at spriting anything but round objects… >_<

I could help! I’m pretty good at spriting!

Um, those don’t belong here. This is for P2D’s sprites.

Can I make Energy tank?

Energy tank

(I don’t know does it look like it’s spinning…)

You know…I really like that. But why is it everyone makes the mistake when spinning. It just jiggles up and down. like / - \


I’m not good at spinning…

What do you mean, jiggles /-? as in, up, hold, down, hold, up, etc?

I made the missle expansion upgrade. Im still working on making it spin and the other effects for it

That is… AWESOME!!! But, that isn’t for P2D, right?

Lol, that’s nice, but gigantic. And, someone else made a missle expansion for P2D…

damn, i was hoping that might use it. o well i can still make some other stuff for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since when are missile expansions the size of a small skyscraper? o_o

However… it’s pretty damn good detail-wise. Shame we don’t have any use for it.

Maybe in the gallery or something…

Lol, there’s a list of already complete stuff on the SCU forums. Pick something that isn’t done, and work on it!

I’m trying to make MP Essence, but I can’t register on the Forum… :neutral_face:

:smiley: yeah its pretty big, but (not trying to making an excuse about paint) the pixels are pretty big and I cant really shade stuff that small. If someone could tell me about another drawing program for making P2D sprites and stuff. go ahead.

Couldn’t that missile expansion be used for the pause menu?

Why no use the zoom feature? Wait… Huh? First you say it and the pixels are big, then you say you can’t shade “stuff” that small. :confused:

Anyways, there’s also a program called iDraw… But… It’s really just a clone of Paint with a few extra features to help with sprite sheets. Paint is good enough for sprites.