power suit & wave beam

so… wave beam first. How will you show that you have the wave beam out if, when the gun is changed to wave, it expands on the z axis, making it impossible to tell if you have the power or wave beam!

power suit : i was looking at my wallpaper today with the 4 suits, and the power suit looks like its hunched over.

The wave beam will look a bit like this :

This was the beta, made by Timaster, so it might change in the future, I don’t have a clue.

And the Power Suit spritesheet has already been fixed about 5 times, it was fixed more times than the Varia. I guess the one you have is pretty old.

Those are gonna have some MAJOR changes, but that’s the gist of it =D

Isn’t the wave beam purple?

It is.

How the heck is this a hot topic?! :O_O:

it’s not?

stay on topic plz

Wave Beam? Thats not in MP2…

Prime 2D

What the heck could MP2 Dimensional even mean? >_>


mario party 2 D (dance dance revolution mix…d for short)

I fully understand.