Power Grip instaed of space jump?

Good Idea or Bad Idea?

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  • I Hate Power Grip
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  • No Way!
  • Too much work
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What do you think?

Why not just fix the glitch that makes you move faster in mid-air Maru Mari?

And-wait a minute, there IS no Space Jump in Prime…

Uh, yes there is: Space Jump Boots, remember? It’s not the 2D version of the space jump but it’s still a space jump.

I haven’t got Prime yet, I still need more money to afford the Gamecube, but I do seem to recall many people being upset about the lack of a Space Jump in Prime.

Anywho, PowerGrip would be nice, but would it not be kinda easy to fix the super-Morph Ball jump thingy?

There is “Space Jump” in Prime, but it’s just a double jump, not the famous infinite spin jump people seem to be so fond of.

ya, and if u haven’t played MP2:E(sounds nasty with a member with that name, no offense to u MP2:E), then there, they only let u jump like, maybe 5 times? i can’t remember. and i think there should be a power grip, it it would be helpful with clining on to edge’s that ae a bit high (obviously). but we should have both instead of one or another.

I think the Screw Attack only lets you spin four times…

But I found the Power Grip to be a stupid item in MZM. I mean, who can’t grab onto a ledge?

No offense taken, besides everybody knew what you were talking about.

It’s 5 times.

Lets see you try to grab on a ledge with one hand while wearing 100+ pounds of armor and see how stupid you think a strength enhancing upgrade is then.

A strength enhancing upgrade is one thing, but an upgrade that only allows you to grab onto a ledge is another.

I would understand it if the upgrade did something besides let you hang off a wall…

Well, think of it like this: Samus can propel that tons-heavy armour fifty meters in the air…and she can’t do a pull up? I find that quite hard to believe.

Now when have you seen go 50 meters in the air? :neutral_face:

Besides, then she has the boots and back thrusters to give her most jumping power. Enhanced upper body physical strength comes separately. :laughing:

I think you’re a lunatic.


And Dark Samus, she jumps stupidly high in the intro and ending of both Primes.