Potential Problems?

After playing one of the older P2D demos and getting to the beta Parasite Queen, it isn’t so hard to determine how he boss battle will play. You walk into the room, and in the middle in the background, the Parasite Queen sways back and forth shooting acid at you. You walk up to it, aim up, and shoot it when the force field isn’t overlapping it. Sounds easy enough no? Well, in my opinion, this may become a slight problem. The idea itself seems to work, but it doesn’t seem like much of a challenge, or very fun. This is just going by what I assume you guys are going to do, as I’m not entirly sure how the boss will play out, and it’s probably too far into development to change, so I’m saying that maybe certain boss battles should be completly different than they were in Prime. Some things just don’t go well when translated into 2D, and for that reason I would recomend trying to completly change and spice up some of the boss battles, for gameplay reasons.

For example, the Parasite Queen. If all it’s going to do is sway there shooting acid, it’s not a very interesting boss. Just going to throw out a random idea, bu it would make for a better boss battle if it went something like this: Samus walks into the room and stops in front of a giant glass tube. Then from seemingly nowhere, the Parasite Queen latches down into the tube, hanging by it’s tail. It’s facing to the left toward Samus and the glass shatters and there is an explosion in the BG. The PQ would have more attack moves, and actually move around the play area and grab the character, similar to what Draygon did in Super Metroid. So the player would be dodging the PQ and shooting at it, then once you hit it enough, the PQ retreats back up the the ceiling, sticks it’s head down, and starts spraying acid all over the floor. Heck, if you wanted to go the extra mile you could even do something like having the floor melt away, and you have to stand on platforms and avoid falling or something similar to that. As you can see, this idea for the PQ boss battle is much different than it was in Prime, but this way it would make for better gameplay AND still have the feeling of the original PQ boss battle in Prime. Though I admit, the introduction I made up was a bit sloppy and uneeded, the mechanics of the actual battle still stand.

So, do any of you agree with me that some of Primes bosses should be changed to make for better gameplay? Please post your opinions.

people will come to play the game because it relates to prime. if you completely remove the prime aspects from the queen, you’ll have an unpopular game on your hands.

But what’s fun playing a boss that just sits shere shooting at you ever few seconds? In Metroid Prime, it was a big 3D room where you had to lock on the PQ, side step, run around the area trying to hit the PQ while avoiding it’s shots. The way the boss in P2D is probably set up, this isn’t possible. So everything that you had in Prime is missing. What about Metroid Zero mission? did you expect peope to hate that game too because all the boss battles and such were changed? P2D shouldn’t just be a complete replicate of Prime, some things need to be changed for it to work well in 2D. You want to make it as much like Prime as you can, but I also think some things that were great in Prime can’t be done in 2D, unless a;most the whole thing is redone or changed. I hope you see what I’m trying to say here.

Yeah, there was a topic on this before that I started about a year back. The result of it was a no. Guess it’s the same for this time, too.

Although it would be really cool, it just won’t happen because some people don’t like it. And games are played for enjoyment, so why not change it a little to make it better? It shouldn’t be so accurate that it’s the same damn thing; even MZM was quite different and even had more features to make it more fun than the original Metroid…

Sure, we could make it Metroid Totally-Not-Prime 2D, or we could use some common sense. This is meant to be a direct port (or as close as possible, obviously) of Metroid Prime. If things suddenly start going wacky, why make it Prime at all? Why not just go full throttle into fanfic town and have Sephiroth Geemer take over Tallon IV while Samus and Halo dude ride a laser luge into a queen Metroid to battle it from the inside? The point is, think about it. Was the original Parasite Queen battle really all that inspired? You walk around her in a circle and fire when you get a chance. As opposed to walking back and forth and firing when you get a chance. In both cases, dodging her deadly acid beam. Why complain?

It isn’t as much a port as it is “Prime, Super Metroid style”.

That’s why I don’t understand why people don’t seem to like the idea. It’s not like we are taking Prime and just completly fudging it up like Sartan is saying… What I’m saying you guys may want to do is change around some things to make it a more enjoyable game. How is that a bad thing? Nobody likes fighting a boss that just sits there and shoots a laser every few seconds. It’s not very fun, it’s not challenging, and you feel like the boss isn’t even trying. It wouldn’t make this game any less Prime-like if you guys made the PQ actually move around some, and attack the player.

May be more fun, but it’s just not Prime 2D. The idea of constantly moving to one side like the original is definitely good. I can’t remember for sure, but I think they once had the idea of actually making the whole room rotate as you run around it. I’d go with that (but pretend the room is square, so it only rotates 90 degrees when you get to one edge), but actually make the player shoot through the sides of the shield rather than the front, and it’d take a few side-facing sprites of the Queen, as well as a few new views of the room. That’s even more accurate and a little bit more fun.

Hi, Parasite Queen. You sure haven’t changed much since the first game, have you?

The problem is spriting it, that’s the problem, it’s easy saying it.

anyways, to make it more fun, I still stand for the rotation room idea, it’s the more fitting and accurate.

I also support the rotating room idea. That was we can run around to keep up with the rotating force field, instead of just standing there waiting for it to come back around again and occasionally jumping over PQ’s attacks.

Yeah, I support it too, but making the room and parisite queen sprites would take ages without a buch of spriters working on them, and even then, all the inconsistencies would have to be dealt with.

I support it, and Id be willing to help, but it wont be easy >_<.

I’ll program the pq boss battle as last, so you guys have enough time to come up with a good boss battle.

So first up is the escape sequence :slight_smile:

I like the sound of that. I miss the chozo hamburger, think we could slip it in somewhere? :slight_smile:
But Ive been wondering, how will we do the parasite queen that attacks the pirates? Or will we even bother?

Of course we’ll bother. That PQ is the one that breathes in the tank in the demos. (I don’t remember if it was in the latest one, but it should be >_>) You enter that room on the bottom floor and there are some pirates rapid-firing it. Then there’s a huge explosion and all the pirates usually die along with the PQ. I don’t see that being a problem to do in 2D. This I can see being a problem to do in 2D, but maybe DF can figure out a way to stick it in. YES WE NEED IT. IT’S COOOOOOOcollapses as reality comes back

Lmao. Why don’t we include the flickerball as a bonus though? Hell, there are lots of little referrences we could make with little effort.

But I’d never really tried to save those two pirates, it was always entertaining watching them die.

I’ll stop workin in the you know what to do that then, DF what’s the size of the pq room?


Here’s the room:

Make sure the pq fits into the tube area.

The bottom staircase looks a little… weird. Can I add some dithering to it?

I think he posted it for us to spice up, so I guess you could feel free.

Cant you add some lighting effects to make it look red though? like ingame?