Post your tools here!

I have NO tools.I suggest We vote for and select(at the end) tools.OK? :slight_smile:


Not as in paint etc., but to enhance.

What tools? For what? Why is this in the FAQs?

I’ts for texturing/spriting!
And daz, tell us when there’s no possibilities other things will when against (random).

“tell us when there’s no possibilities other things will when against (random)”?

What…? WHAT?

Speak English please…

In simple, when only 1 can when.A draw will result in 1-on-1 competition.

… okay, I’m confused as fuck right now, and you’re really starting to annoy me with your incoherent sub-human responses. Start making sense or start packing up.

Alrighty, procces: post tools>vote>use one with highest votes.
reason:So people don’t use different enhancers so the game will be crappy.
simple enough?!?!

Yeah, I get what you mean, except for what you mean by tools and enhancers…hm, wait.

You’re trying to say we need to make sure everyone makes their beams the same way, right?

Well, they’re all being done in Paint, and I think by the same person or just a few, so it won’t be a problem.

y know, light effects and all that?

Those are being done via programming code.

I know.But how that code is going to be.

SHUT UP! Squishes

no flaming, read the rules…

Uuuuuuhhhhhh… head asplodes

I think he thinks we’re going to be using scripts, effects, sprites, etc. that other people have made, and he wants us to put them here and vote for the best one. But… We’re making this game by ourselves. No stolen sprites, tools, upgrades, etc. At least not for the final version <.<

Now, look at that. I explained something correctly in one post.

Edit: Oh, saw the other topic. head asplodes once more

8=D ← my tool


Really, Tim? I thought you had more self esteem. ;<_<

You edit it back, you get warned, just to be clear. <_< >_>

You’re a bastard.

Here’s YOUR tool:


That’s freaky. As I clicked on this topic I was thinking “I’m surprised no one made any tool = penis” jokes yet. And whaddayano…