Post your favourite song/band

Purity - Disturbed

song on the left side and the band on the Right side.

Enter Sandman Live Rare Version-Metallica
Californiancation-Red Hot Chili Peppers

At the moment, Muse is my favorite band
Listening to Muscle Museum right now.

Giiiiiiive meeeeeeeeeeeeeee the peeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaas and joy in your woooooooorld

…yyyyyeah, sure, why not. I don’t really need those two things anyway…

>St. Louise Is Listenin’ - Soul Coughing< Rocks. I love it.
>Rolling - Whadya know, Soul Coughing.< Good if you’re pissed and don’t want to do something.
>Shy - Ani Difranco< Pretty much the best song ever.
>What You Want - John Butler Trio< a bit depressing, but good to play drums to. Lotta fill spots.
>Outloud - Dispatch< Not depressing, crappy to play drums to.

>Proudest Monkey - DAVE MATHEWS BAND!!< yeah, that’s… a joke.

Whoracle - In Flames

Oops. I meant Song on the left side and Band on the right side. LOL :smiley:

i respect your music and all, so respect mine, lol.

five for fighting-100 years


how old are you?

Anything Queen wins, but I enjoy a large variety of music.

1)Metallica - The Unforgiven II
2)Rammstein-Feuer frei
3)Megadeath - Moto Psycho