Possibly stolen sprites

I found this Phazon Suited Samus sprite sheet on another site and it seems very similar to the one I remember being on the site. I have no idea whether they are the same or if the creator of the sprites (can’t look him up right now as the site is down, sorry) posted them on the site.

The site I found them was http://sprites.fireball20xl.com/NSA/HTML/nintendo.htm

I’m not even sure if these were stolen, but they looked pretty similar, and wanted to bring them to your attention.

They’re stolen, all right, but not from P2D. Those are Super Metroid edits, technically stolen from Nintendo, but no one seems to care.

Yeah, those are just recolored from SM.

he made two sheets at the spriters resource.

so u people want to say that u cant rip sprites from games to yor game???

I’m saying that it’s technically illegal, just like ripping weapons models and maps from, say, Halo 2 to put them on Halo: Custom Edition. That’s a pretty hot-topic in the Halo community. It seems that Nintendo doesn’t care as much as MS about it, but you’re technically stealing if you use their sprites.

Unless, of course, they listed somewhere that it was O.K. I haven’t seen something like that, but I imagine it’s somewhere, seeing as Nintendo hasn’t sued anyone yet.

It is okay as long as u dont sell it so its legal to use them.lol

It’s not. I don’t care what people do, I don’t care than Nintendo doesn’t care, it’s still illegal.

I’m not saying don’t do it…I’m just saying that according to the laws and regulations of the United States of America, it is illegal to use that material.

so they can make u go to jail???

Well if you rip stuff from a metroid game and use it in a fan game then it’s perfectly fine, as long as you don’t make a profit from it.

thats what i said.lol

I saw that at spites.fireball too. and also some others. :neutral_face: