Possible visor setup

I thought that this game needed a more Metroid Prime like visor setup so I stuck some square s for where the icons would be and labeled them to show a more Prime like setup. It’s big cuz I have a big monitor and I used Printscreen.

i dunno…i sorta like this visor…(current one) well either way would work fine

What is it with you an enormous images?
Anyway, I think the visor layout depends on the controls. If you use qwer to select them, then you’d want them to be set up in a straight line. We need to come up with a good button layout, and then think about where the beam and visor icons go. So far, I have failed to come up with a good one.

What about TWO of them? I know it’s possible.

I actually like the new one better. Although the controls are kinda not my liking.

Sorry, but the interface design, at least for the final version, is already done, and it’s definitive.

In case you want to have a look at it:

Just to explain.

a) The circle at the left. This one acts as danger meter normally, being blue when at 0, and turning gradually orange as danger increases, and red when you are getting damage. Functions as radar as well.
Also, when you hold the visor/weapon selection button, the circle shows the available choices.

b) Immediately right to the big circle there’s the Energy meter. Notice how there’s no number for the amount of E-Tanks, as the energy display computes the total available energy, and is not limited to 2 digits. The bar outline and numbers turn a blinking orange when energy is low or you take damage.

c) Directly below the big circle, to the left, there’s a small icon that displays the current visor being used. It lights up right after selecting a visor, and gradually fades out and remains half-transparent until you select another visor.

d) On the lower right corner of the big circle, is the weapon icon. It displays the icon of the currently selected weapon, however, follows the same rules as the visor icon. It’ll light up when selecting a new weapon, and will fade out until a new weapon is selected.
This applies to the missile ammo meter as well, which will only remain lighted up when Missiles are the current weapon.
Also, the weapons icon acts as charge beam meter, and will light up and turn orange as you charge your weapon. When it is fully orange, the weapon is fully charged, ad the missile meter lights up for a possible beam combo.

As you can see, the reasons to pick this one over the others is that it’s way less invasive in the play screen, and somewhat sleeker.

Btw, that is a pic of the preliminar design made in Paint. The actual one programmed in the game looks much neater thanks to OpenGL’s texture treatment.

OpenGL? Wait you are programming in C++? Nice Visor setup btw. I actually really like it, not just saying it. I find that it is innovative and well thought of. But according to Dazzy, we might as well shoot coke bottles and stuff if we make it that innovative. I know it is final so I might as well stfu right now.

I thought of something to explain how Samus got out and why she didn’t have spider ball in MP:H but did in MP2:E.

An escape sequence at the end!
When you win the final fight the place will start to explode and a hole will appear. You enter it revealing an escape tunnel, where you have to go through it to get to the portal.
There would be a hole that appears that samus jumps through at the portal room at the end of the sequence, she enters the portal, and the game continues like it did.

When you lose stuff in the prime games it would say “(item name) malfunction”, it would say “spider ball temporarily disabled”, that would explain why it wasn’t it MPH but MP2. You would also lose the gravity suit because you never had it in another Prime game.

Except you return to the Artifact Temple and fly away with the Gravity suit. And what about the wave beam, ice beam, plasma beam, super missile, wavebuster, ice spreader, flamethrower, missile expansions, energy tanks, grapple beam, space jump boots, thermal visor, X-ray visor, etc.? Or the MPH items before MP2? Or the MP2 items before MP3? Or the insert any Metroid game here other than SM items before insert following Metroid game in timeline? >_>

Plus I don’t see how this relates much to the visor setup in P2D.

I didn’t want to create a new topic.
Samus would lose everything she didn’t start with in MP:H or MP2.

It is possiable for the X-ray visor to be like the X-ray scope did in Super Metroid.

no… in sm you can’t move when you use the x-ray… i prefer see like in the scan visor