Pope Dies


Yeah I’m not a religious man, but I think this guy deserves his due respects because he did alot of good things not only in his life, but near the end too. He stuck it out until the final breath. Such a sad thing. I hope people don’t dwell on his death but rather celebrate his life in the comming weeks ahead.

(Yeah there’s a topic on SCU that just reminded me of it).

When did this happen? He was alive this morning.

He died peacfuly with no pain.

Let God receive him with his hands open full of the good things he deserves for being loyal, helpful, and pure.

Rest in peace, Pope John Paul II.

im athiest, so i dont really care

His real name is Karol J?zef Wojtyła.

I’m sorry if I seem out of line, but that’s a very rude thing to post. You’re entitled to your oppinion but if you don’t care why bother posting in the topic at all then? Just pass over it like it wasn’t there.

I’m not a religious person yet I respect the fact that this man did do a lot of things in his life and has touched many people. So if there is a god heaven and whatnot (I believe there is a God btw incase anyone cares) I hope he dusts off a seat that the holy table of super friends (With jesus and Moses) because this man deserves it.

South Park reference?

Actually that’s something I made up when I was six. I always thought that God had an army of super friends kind of like Superman did. I used to be big on Superman until my friend showed me Spider-man.

It’s not like I’m Catholic or anything, but this guy still deserves a lot of respect for the good deeds done in his life. I am Christian though, so meh.

to bad he died he was verry respected :cry:

that was a horrible insult

Uhhh…I really do believe in God, but I have never been to church. Yet, I do tend to pray like everyday. I believe he was a good man too, though I never met him in person… :neutral_face:

That was horribly late to reply… almost 16 months :sweat: