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i decided to make a space marine from a game i saw into 2d. Here’s ref -

and here’s the bitmap i made with adobe photoshop -

im not that skilled in spriting, and i think this looks pretty good for a semi-noob. Feedback plz =p

Um, it’s a kind of sort of decent sprite, but it looks NOTHING like him.

And do NOT sprite in Photoshop.

can you be more specific?



btw, i was doing it in adobe photoshop because i needed to have layers.

oh, and i noticed he’s kinda fat lol. ima fix that up pretty fast.

I think it’s pretty good.

And spriting in Photoshop ain’t necesarily bad–it is capable of everything MSPaint is, and more, just not more that’s useful for sprites. It’s primarily a personal choice–and this is a darn good sprite, if’n you ask me.

atleast someone likes them >_> lol jk thx for the compliment though. btw i was wondering if i could streach it instead of manually editing to make it not as fat. thx


Here’s a grizby ive been working on.

I also did some shading on his green armor plates. check it out =p

(In response to the Grizby) The general shape is good, even though it’s pincers are screwed up (mainly because they are tilted instead of flat horizontally). Also, the texture on the shell is all wrong and it is way too big to be used correctly in a Metroid game.

No, that won’t work. It’ll mess up the sprite. And he doesn’t… really look fat. Considering body armor and stuff, he seems pretty average size.
And I think you should either lighten the lines between red segments, or change it to a dark red.

so basically, just need to redo the whole thing?

can i get the correct demension sizes for what it should be? thx

On the Grisby, it has gradient shading(not good). I like the shading on the soldier guy but his general shape is a bit pregnant and off balance. :wink:

yeah i noticed his left arm being really dislocated foreward while i had it zoomed. also one of his lower legs is alot bigger then the other! one of his arms is longer then the other (which can be fixed by copy > pasting from my body part pallete. any other abnormalties? tell me plz


btw, i would like to know how many posts to not be a zoomer =p

and heres new grizby without pincers/red darker/no gradient. Any ideas for texturing his shell? thx

It’s supposed to be shades of semi-dark orange with red spiral-like markings. Can someone check me on that one?

i cant quite understand u gold leader… can i get a ref image to tell me more what it looks like plz? the one i used is crappy… but the only one i could find. thx alot

ive been working on something else that is in the same game as the “soldier guy”.

here it is!

and here’s the reference image

questions? comments? feedback is always appreciated!

it’s supposed to be a “command chair” where the commander of a platoon can tell his soldiers where to go, ect.

this isnt a dbl post because i said so =p


here’s the spritesheet so far

and here’s what it looks like animated


i can also see that the first and last frame’s chair/armrest is 1 pix foreward then the other ones, which u might have already noticed. I’ll fix it

The colors are a bit poor, but it’s drawn and animated nicely.

thx daz i know its a bit cartoonish, but i will try to add some shading on the green and metal soon. sigh too bad i already animated it, now ill have to do more copy > pasing after i change the shading.

I’ve benn there, lol.
But I think it is looking quite nicelt so far. GJ.

here’s a wip ive been working on

and heres the ref image

On the top left and right, the things that stick out chould be a bit closer to the body of the machine.

is that better?

it might be too close because i moved it 2 pixels rather then 1, you know… every pixel counts right?

Perfect, IMO. Now just detail it a bit more.