Pokemon trainer card

Check this out:

This is my trainer card.Wanna make your own pokemon trainer card.Go here.It will tell you all the steps on how to make one!

thats pretty cool actually.
its too bad its like…all in paint
but still
i’ll probably make one later

Yeah, yeah, my team sucks. I’m working on it. >_>;

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at any rate, these look pretty cool. i might make one.

im not a fan of pokemon, so i just picked them based on appealing looks.

keke “Pokemonks”… i like it :slight_smile:



lol… but is there a point to it other than show chipmonks aren’t as cute as they seem?

Bidoof is a beaver, damn ye. D:

bah! like it matters… beaver, chipmonk, its all the same in my book (except beavers are a lot bigger)

besides, its kinda hard to tell with a cartoon image…

my card is actully my real thing in pearl.That is my master team in pokemon pearl.Did u just get the game or u just put random stuff?

I got a new one!Go to pokecharms.com and it is even cooler to make a better one!

Yeah, that’s my real team.

My team definetly pwns all of yours.

Yeah, I did spend the time doing that, sue me. Now that summer is coming, expect me to frequent more…frequently.

haha what a funny card! Do a barrel roll!11!!!ONEONE!!1!1

what makes that saying from starfox so famous?

1 it is annoying therefore making fun of it is gooooooooooooooooooooood
2 it can be made funny if used in the right context

Yeah Daz, but shinx will be good ones when it evolves, and once when you have 7 badge you wil be able to catch Palkia.

Here my main team,
lugia-transfer form emerald
palkia-got at spear pillar
dialga-I cheated and use an action replay
salamence-route 210 (national dex and poke radar required)
giratina-turnback cave, national dex required
ho-oh-transfer form emerald