Pokemon Regions

Which Regions is your favorite?

  • Kanto
  • Johto
  • Hoen
  • Orre
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Its a desicion for me because i like Johto,Kanto,and Hoen all the same but i think Kanto.
Help:If you do not know what a region is Kanto is in
PokemonRed,Blue,Yellow,Firered,Leafgreen,Gold(After the pokemon league),Silver,and crystal.
Hoen is in Ruby, Saphire,and Emerald.
Johto is in Gold, Silver,and Crystal.
Orre is in Collesuem and Xd Gale of Darkness.

YTH are there so much Pokemon lovers? It is so nerdy because you have to play for around 10000 hrs. to get a “rare Pokemon”. It is also really nerdy when you say “I got a Ho-oh! OMG! I |2()><><3rZ UR |30><><3rz! cuz |/|3 50 1337!”
^— Can be translated to:
I’m a nerd, I’m a nerd, I’m a nerd, I’m a nerd, OMG I’m a nerd
Don’t mean to hate but still, seriously, I don’t like spending 10000 hours playing Pokemon.

That’s great, shut up. Don’t flame Pokemon just because YOU don’t like it. You’re not the top of authority and everybody shouldn’t give a shit about your post.


Kanto all the way.

That, and the most I’ve had to spend to get a rare pokemon was like… 32 minutes. Meaning actually attempting to catch one. Not the total game time up to the point in which I catch the pokemon.
Johto. Mostly because Hoen and Orre are the start of where pokemon gets EXTREMELY kidish. Well, yeah, Johto wasn’t UNkidish, but it was better.

yes…yes you are…just not in the pokemon way, lol, i myself dont like pokemon, but just a question…why the hell did you come here just to post that?..are you trying to start a flame war or something :confused: seriously, that is the third most uncool post i have ever seen man.

-illogical thoughts of SD47

the second most uncool post


the first most uncool post:

this one…

Omg. Right when you hear the word “Pokemon” you all go crazy…

I personally like Kanto the best! :slight_smile: