Pokemon Eggs!

Look at my sig!They will hatch soon!

Mine hatched already:

…where do you get them?

…Why do you want them?
I’ve been on forums that have practically everyone using them. They get annoying, fast.
And then people are posting topics like “LOOK AT MY COLLECTION! THEY’RE HATCHING!”
Pages and pages of spam, on pictures… This fad needs to die, fast IMO.

Hey cool eggs where did ya get them? I WANT ONE!!!.. plz :wink:

Copy the link location, and play with the numbers. Christ, people, if you “WANT ONE!!!” then make an effort to get it.

Does anyone have any movies about Pokemon giving birth even in eggs? I want to see them, please!

Hey, thanks for pointing me to your sig so I could notice that those pokemon make it oversized! You might have gotten away with it otherwise. :astonished:

And let that serve as a warning to anyone else who considers getting some. That seems to be our most ignored rule–having multiple stacked images does not mean you can bypass the image size limit.


Okay, hold on.

What? O__o

He meant he wanted to see the eggs hatch :sweat: :laughing:

Erm… Are you sure?

I ment pregnant Pokemon give birth. I’ve imagened that for years. And how many times do I have to tell you? I’m a female!

You’re on the internet. There are no girls o–
Er, I mean, that’s why everyone assumes you’re a guy. Most people here are.

And um, what sort of creepy fetish is that?

Seriously, that’s messed up on so many levels…

Oh, come on, it’s the miracle of life!

You cannot possibly say that there could be no pokemon sex fetish.

whadda ya mean look at your sig it says:

Newb: Hi


Newb:cry cry

tell me linky please :3

he changed them. there used to be 3 pokemon eggs in there…

…make that THREE useless months-old bumps.

at least its some new activity >.>;