Pokemon Eclipse Version

The only thing is, we need programers. Lots of programers. Ones that can use “RPG Maker XP”. We all ready have a few. The link is HERE. If you want to help, become a member there and PM me. My name is “Zyph.” We could really use assistance!

Iam VERY good at RPG Maker XP.
I know how to do just about everything too. :smiley:
But there is only one slight problem…


(No offense)

You don’t have to like it to do the project. Alls ya have to do is, make the game, and tell’em how to put in all the cute lil’ pocket monsters. :stuck_out_tongue:

No offense but the last thing the world needs is a pokemon game.

Ah shove it u 2. i would help but my comp got pwned by my mom for being on halo, halo 2, a comp version of metroid (ported from my game), and unreal tournament 2004 for 72 hrs straight. :O_O: :O_O: :O_O:

Off topic: Rofl, nice sig, UDS.

On topic: I would help. But I don’t want to. You know why? Because I f*cking hate pokemon. Its a good RPG, well thought out, and well executed. but its for kids 8 and under, dude?

RPG???what do u mean RPG…I would call something like FF games
RPG…Pokemon is a waste of time

This topic is boring and is now about TRAINS.

Who cares?

Y’know, I don’t wanna be in annoyance or anything, but get this straight:

Pok?mon is a piece of shiz.


Shiz = Shit.


I KNOW…just say SHIT

im not gonna say how much pokemaon is gay, and how fucked upit is, and how the two main characters can be named red, and blue did imention how imnot gonna mention fucking gay it is i mean really they cant even talk all they do is saypika pika pika, this is what ihave to say to pokemone fucka fucka fucka you, and how are things like that supp osed tofit in ball really? and o right iwasnt gonna mention all this stuff…o well DOWN WITH POKE MONE
(no offense)



:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Basically if your going to make a Pokemon game just blow up your computer now.

You’ll save wasted time and effort.

Rolling on the floor my ass off?

Rolls On Floor Laughing My Ass Off


Who cares if you dont like Pokemon, let the kid make a game, if he likes it he can do it. I hate it when people insult metroid which is something I like so dont insult something that people like just because you dont.

Sorry if this seems like an insult to Pokemon, but if you have no orrigionality there will be no point in making this game. It seems like all of the Pokemon game are the same they have diffrent Pokemon in them sure but still hardly any diffrences.