pokemon diamond

Look at this.Was there ever a pokemon diamond on gbc?It is on ebay.Can someone tell me if this game is real :confused:

Thats a fake, the real one is going to be for the NDS. Look on (Serebii.net they have info on the DS game(real version) and is coming out sometime next year.

You right look at this

It really looks real though…Anyway my crack team dug up something about this in a NP Mag from a while ago. Same game same questain. Fake.

Sooo fake that I cant even trust pokemon games. Inculding rip-off who even tried to make a sprite of pokemon…but still its fake.

OHemGEAH! It was hilariously stupid reading about the bootlegged pokemon games.

Diamond and Pearl have September release date for Japan.

Noooo. Pokemon Diamond was scheduled for release on the GameBoy Color sometime in the 1990’s. What you see there is a prototype of an unreleased game that has been remade for the DS.

It’s not a fake. How this guy got his hands on it, I have no idea. Seeing as only a handfull of copies were made. Because, It was a pirated Pokemon game of sorts from some company of which I can’t remember the name.

If it was a prototye than why was it not realese, and the DS version of it is like they done to red and blue with Fire Red and Leaf Green, I’m confused big time if they had it then than why was it called a fake for? :confused:

Its not a Licensed Nintendo product.

My bad, I take back what I said about the DS one being a remake. And, yes, it isn’t endorsed or licensed by Nintendo. It’s pirated.