please help

Ok is there a certain computer program (like paint but better) that people use for this??? if there is please tell me. and where do i send my like thing…i just joined andddd i dont know where to post my sprite thing. and i want freinds so yeah about that…well tell me how to do good with stuff and anything useful to help a n00b comment…or something thanks

Paint is the best program for making sprites with for a newbie, and one of the best even for experienced spriters. The more advanced features just get confusing, complciated, and tend to screw things up if you don’t really know what you’re doing.

i used paint to start spriting, and i when i die, i will most likely be using paint for spriting (hopefully that is not how i will die however)

Try the gamemaker paint it actually has some like neat tools…or try that grafix one in

i prefer paint, but i use gm one for last minute things (and for obtaining my shadow colors from base colors)