please help!

How do I beat mother brain?

Shoot its eye with Missiles. Use Super Missile if you have a lot of those, they do massive amounts of damage.

ok that worked, but i died because of those EVIL turrets. The turrets are harder than the brain lol.

Yeah, the turrets can be a nuissance. Try screwing them a little, back and forth, as they’re coming at you.

re-reads what I said


LOL If she did that, Im sure that they would stop shooting at her XD

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im not getting the point… since i came here im trying to figure the other meaning of the word SCREW, it means lick?

back to the reason of this topic please people :wink:

When the turrets and the ringlets start closing in on you, just screw ATTACK them and you’ll be free from their annoyance for a brief bit of time. :smiley:

Screwing means screw attacking, guys. GOD! >_>

i think you guys dont know but i am brazilian,so i wasnt trying to be a funny boy :smiley:

You should freeze the Ringlets with your ice beam instead. Then if they return to normal shoot them again with the Ice beam (Killing them) and keep repeating that process.
As for the turrets yeah, screw them.

I beat the mother brain by crouching on the platform to the right (the turrets cant hit you there XP) It was easy. I beat the game yesterday. Mecha Ridley was a sinch. Thank you all.

I beat her by standing ON TOP of the turret to the right, waiting until she opened her eye, then dropping down to hit her with a few missiles, then jumping back up. There’s only about two seconds you’re not doing the screw attack in that pattern, so you’re barely vulnerable at all. (the turret can’t shoot upwards) I beat her easily once I developed this strategy.