Plasma Weapon Contest

My brotherand I are modding Halo CE and making new weapons. We need one more plasma pistol-based gun and it will they will be done. Because we can’t think of anything, I came here.

Things that we already have:

-Plasma Shotgun-- Self explanatory.
-Plasma Beam-- Works like the carbine, but shots bounce and have lower ROF
-Plasma Burst-- Regular shot shoots four weak homing balls. Charged shoot many balls for 3 seconds.

Others guns are retextured and have completely new effects. If you can think of a good, balanced weapon, we can put it in.

If you want the stuff, look for Mr. Ifafudafi on Modacity.

plasma…ASSAULT RIFLE (halo 3 style AR covenantified)
plasma…RIFLE (like the beam rifle)

The Plasma Rifle is pretty much the Covenant AR already. Plasma Beam makes up for the Beam Rifle.

Plasma bazooka shotgun.


Plasma Cannon…fires one big burst of energy and does a big amount of damage but…it has very little ammo… :sunglasses:

Isn’t that the Fuel Rod Cannon? Lol jking.

I like Lik’s idea. Epic.

Just do UT’s plasma gun.

plasma grenade launcher

the plasma rifle isn’t really the AR plasmified but now seeing the seriousness displayed by the rest of the community I would recommend going to another forum, like the halomaps one or something

im serious

I’m dead serious. A rocket launcher that fires twelve plasma rounds at the same time would be the ultimate weapon.

It needs to be balanced though…

well you obviously need to play on chaos gulch if you think that that sort of thing is out of the question

my idea is balanced
a ball of energy on an arch that bounces of any solid surface
stick or not, your choice

On an arch?

so its not going in a straight line
i didnt know what else to call it xD

gravity = relevant

Too much like the fuel rod gun. We want something completely different from other weapons.

its like combining the old Brute Shot with the Fuel Rod Cannon