Basically I plan to start working on this fangame in the near future and have some of the menu code lined up already. I will be using the sprites from my topic a few pages back, the spaceship ones, with minor shading revisions. Very much more will be added.

Basically, I wanted the gameplay of this to work like any other RTS games, but take place in space from a top-down view, with stars and planets in the background, and resources like asteroids to extract from.

Asteroids provide metal used in almost all construction. An extractor is built on top of the asteroid field to constantly extract more and more metal. The metal is then allocated to a nearby refinery or your central command building (which has a small built in refinery). An extractor takes very little metal to build, so it is key to have as many as possible, but if an extractor is too far away from a central command building or a refinery, the metal extracted will not allocate.

Gas is needed to produce units with special abilities and strong weapons. A refinery is placed next to a gas field and remote-controlled “Drones” are produced to extract the gas from the field, then return to the refinery to place the materials. Refineries can only process a certain number of resources at a time, but upgrades can be purchased to increase this. To have an adequate gas flow, you need to have the right number of drones as well as the right amount of upgrades or the refinery will not have any resources to process at some points, or will have too many.

Crystals need no refining, but take longer than asteroids and gas to extract. The basic builder from each race can mine from these deposits.

The game will be completely coded in C# (when i find out how :unamused: ). Until then, I might start on a GM version or something.

Sprites- 10%
Sound Effects- 0%
Music- 0%
Code- 0%

To be finished:



Map Doodads-
from top to bottom:
stars, asteroids, crystals, gas, debris. Red at side is harmful nebulae

All Human Sprites-
from top to bottom:
tiny construct, small construct, medium construct, large construct, missile node, laser node, living capsul, war engineering, economic bay, resource processor, refinery, shipyard, advanced economic research, tier two war science, starbase

All Cho’gar Sprites-

All Orugal Sprites-


Menu Music
Human Theme Music
Cho’gar Theme Music
Orugal Theme Music

Sound Effects-

Enter New Menu



Menu Code-

g- Finished!
y- In Progress
r- Not Started



War has torn the galaxy apart. The first colony on Mars was established 3,736 soon after we developed the ability to create enclosed arboretums within movable buildings, providing enough oxygen for five to six people. Teams with powerful building machines began creating the first houses on Mars. In the year 3,798 man created the first spaceway from Earth to the now young Mars colony. The technology only increased from there. In year 3,825 man’s colonies expanded all through out the Sunar Solar System and began reaching out toward new solar systems. In 3,837 we invented the machinery for defying Einstine’s (sp?) rule stating nothing was able to surpass the speed of light by utilizing a newly-found dimension. This greatly expanded our exploration and colonization, but there was something we didn’t anticipate…

There was unrest in many of the outer colonies’ governments and they were in dispute about who owned which land. Riots break out in many of the streets because of opressive government in the outer systems. To make matters worse, the republic was becoming more and more corrupt every day with shady senators. It would not be long before the Republic of Mankind in Space collapses.

There are whispers of an unknown terror.

Report EA-329a from the Nyuk system, planet Narem states this:

"Our colony runs lower and lower on rations and water every day. This blustery husk of a planet doesn’t have much vegitation, only small grasses, although it does have a small supply of oxygen on the surface making it breatheable. Crops have been planeted but due to the windy condition of this planet, and a mostly craggy surface have hindered them. We have sent word to Nyuk’s capital planet but no efforts have been made to help. More and more we hear unusual noises coming from the ventilation system. Efforts were made to find the source but nothing was found. We will soon abandon this settlement.

“Exploration team ambushed. Killed. Most of us… dead. We barricaded the door. We don’t know how long we can hold them out. What are they? Monsters. Abominations. Horrors of children’s dreams. We had no idea what the noises were coming from. Now we do. They seem to be a highly advanced race, capable of degerating flesh with their weapons. Our blast doors will not hold them much longer. Know this- be prepared. Be prepared.”

Sounds quite cool.

Done before.

See also: Star Wars, Alien.

is it on these boards or somewhere else?

Um, they should be available on like ebay or something. I don’t think LucasArts is big on forums, though, and Alien is really old, IIRC…

PS Seriously, how did you not understand what he was saying?

i knew what he was saying! i thought it was a fangame. sheesh.

i will need some sound effects for this game. does anyone know a good sound effect website where i could download some from? i dont really know how to make them myself other than making weird noises in the mic xD

I’m excited. I actually just used this program about an hour ago. It’s quite awesome.…ffects-for-all/

awesome program. now i just have to piddle around with it until i figure out what does what =]

Update - Human Buildings (sprites) are completed. Now on to the human units.

sounds eerily similar to homeworld…

i’ve never played any of these games! why does everyone assume i havee no originality and are just copying other games? T.T

I will post the sprites i have completed when they’re organized in a manner preferable to me.

You’re assumed to have no originality because other games using similar ideas exist.

Even my beloved pluzzleformer I made for the 64como was likened to a flash game, so no originality is assumed. sniffle

human constructs are now added! updates from the original spritesheet include more buildings and a defined lightsource now!

UI sprites are in progress now. you will be notified when the human UI is completed, and it will be posted.

Human buildings update

Effects sprites (things will be added as they are needed)

UI sprites (things will be added as they are needed)

Terrain sprites (things will be added)

send me a PM if you wish to help me with anything, and post your area of interest in your specialization (ex: natural looking terrain, or metallic lustery objects)

progress on this fangame is temporarily suspended. I will get back to it when i can, but right now i really need to finish what i start, and not try and make 5 things at once half assed instead of 1 thing at once whole assed.