Pixeltroid is a tiny Metroid fangame inspired by Minitroid. It’s being written in Gamemaker Studio 2 by myself, with art help from Tedicles, OneOf99, and Hackmi. Its goal is to try and cram as much Metroid into as small a space as possible. I’m hoping to release a demo, but the tentative date on that is “before 2019”.













its adorable and i love it

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If I had heard about Pixeltroid before the Prime 2D relaunch, I definitely would have gone with a very low-resolution aesthetic. Now I will just have to sit back and enjoy what you provide, which so far is a lot of awesome.

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The game actually runs at 96*80 and is later upscaled.

Edit: So it’s technically really low resolution, but I’ve done tons of effects that take advantage of subpixels.

U make me cry my name at the end

:frowning: I DIE


New file select menu! Game is also widescreen now because seeing Dinar’s game in widescreen look much better convinced me to make the switch to 16:9.

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Okay, so I’m kinda amazed this works and is great news for Pixeltroid because it basically guarantees an Android port.

A year or so ago, I got UNDERTALE running on my phone by following this guide. Turns out Gamemaker Studio’s format for holding its game files (data.win) is in the same format on Android, the only difference being the name (game.droid).

I wanted to build Pixeltroid for Android, but that’s $400 for a license I’m not willing to dump. Then I thought back to that guide and wondered if I could just use the same methods, but with my game files. “This won’t work,” I thought, “YoYo must have done something so this isn’t possible in GMS2. After all, if this works, I don’t even need to buy the Android export.”

It worked. I didn’t even have to fiddle with it, it just worked off the bat.

I used an old build because it was the first compiled version of Pixeltroid I could find, which is why it’s in 4:3 and the gfx are outdated.

While not a top priority, this means I’ll do an Android port eventually.


Now that I have an android device again, I look forward to trying out Pixeltroid on it. I can’t believe they didn’t lock it out someway - I’d definitely not mention this to anyone and probably not update. Who knows what they might do to break it.

Also widescreen is always the right choice. That was a big debate among the P2D team a few years ago too.

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We added slopes again and a bunch of other stuff and things. M3D beat me in some game so I have to make him stuff again :frowning: (he obviously cheated)

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Quick update/pic. Landing site with spooooooooky foooooog. I’ll probably post an April updated video some time in the next couple weeks to show off what’s been going on with the project.


Thanks for convincing me we need real-time, dynamic, volumetric fog. @troooooooid!!! :sweat_smile:

That looks really nice! :smiley:

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yeah i made it


Moist caves


Might want to play with toning them down a bit, I could definitely see it reading as enemy projectiles.

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agreed, theyre quite attention grabbing as is

Reduced the transparency of the droplets by 50%. Also new HUD palette.

you’re pretty disappointing with that HUD.
i own u

Quick HUD update. Also sick new doors.

That door feels like it was pasted on top of the scene - it’s very out of place. Probably due to contrast levels.