Pivot Stickfigure Animator

Using Pivot, You can make cool stick animations. Post your creations here! Like the one here! :slight_smile:

they are funny, with what can you make them ??? :smiley:

Search “Pivot Stickfigure Animator” in google :smiley: and download the tool.

thnx dude :smiley:

Crap, No one uses pivot?

I do!!! It’s Samus cathing a space pirate on fire…

Cool DM. :smiley:

well, almost everyone i know… DOES, so i guess it is just a few that dont. JK

check mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Ridley killing someone
I have to work on his firebreath :stuck_out_tongue:

How can you adjust the size of your stick animations ??

how do you make the lightsabers ???

I made one! but is isnt working…

Pivot Stickfigure Animator just looks like a Flash wannabe… No offense, though.
EDIT: Holy freaking crap! TDJ quadruple posted! :whack: :dies:

To answer both of ur questions, TDJ, there is something on the side(left side), and it says adjust size, so u can do that. as for the light saber, go to edit figure type, and go to new figure type. make a long skinny pole for the lightsaber and a little fatter thingy for the handle. then just change their colors. (i kno, its very confusing, but thats how i talk)

mine isnt even worth showing but here it is:

sorry for the d-post but here is another 1

I use Pivot…you guys are n00bs…I don’t use pivot as much as I use Flash…that’s me “AnimationBoy”…known all around the world…:smiley:


Heres my latest Pivot Animations: