Physics Demo

When I start the physics demo, it says an unexpected error occured while running the game :confused:.

MAJOR EDIT: Sorry for double posting, but here is what was my second post:

Never mind. I use Windows XP and strangely it works on some desktops but not on others. Anyway, I have a few coments.

  1. Is Samus always going to have a motion blurr when walking?

  2. When rolling up slopes, the morphball is slightly off the ground.

  3. If you make your first jump high, why do you start spinning and it will not allow you to jump again?

  4. Samus’ arm cannon still goes through the walls, and her feet go through the slopes.

Other than those points, the demo is great!! !!! Make sure to keep the motion blurr on the morphball. It looks REALLY good!

If anyone else has comments about the demo, post them here.

If you jump and hold the jump button, then land on a slope, you automatically jump again (at least that’s what happens if you jump from the group test area to the air test area).

The wierdest thing happened to me while I was playing that demo.

I was running forward, and I stopped and started trying to jump, I jumped, but just barely off the ground then I landed and took my hands off the keyboard and my character model was still running!

I don’t know how that happened but it was wierd.

I love the new demo, and it seems like everything ran smoothly. I just have one question: Is there going to be an option to play in a windowed mode? Sometimes when I play full screen, people IM me and it crashes the game.

I haven’t been able to play it yet, though I did download it. I’ll do a full review of the physics demo later.

for windowed mode press F4.

it ran very slowly on my computer. the physics were good, but im not sure, was it supposed to run slow?

I got it recently and have spotted all of the previous comments, I’ve got more :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, so you start off on the ground. You run right and drop towards the slopes. Right on the edge you can go into morphball, stuck at your position. You get up and run over to the left, climbing up the “steps” as you might call them, its a little tough managing the jumps. Then you go into morphball at the top and drop, like a lead weight, finally landing on the bottom as if you were a rock (not bouncing at all). I like it, very smooth, but there are still too many bugs to work out before that can be turned into the demo :frowning:

I get the error “failed to allocate back-buffer”
Whatever that means… :imp:

thats a bad thing. im not joking.

I tried it, and needless to say, it ruled. Worked perfectly speedy on my computer, and…stuff. You know the rest. Awesome physics.

The demo runs more quickly if you play it in windowed mode.

I don’t think it’d run more quickly. It probably just has the illusion of running quicker.

I dont want to be rude or anything but I think you guys are asking for too much… whats the problem of the morphball being slightly above the ground? Maybe the grass or rocky doodads will make it look better =\

Even so, the illusion makes the experience more palpable…or something. :>_>:

The run animation seems a bit static for samus, also you run WAY to fast

Keep in mind everybody that this is still a beta demo, the morphball glitch and stuff will probably be perfected for the real game.

I’m really impressed with the Physics Demo! There’s a ton of progress since the Beam Demo, so I’m ultra-confident that the Yellow Bomber will be in tip-top adventuring condition before we see the finished bounty hunter.

Dude, when or where the hell have you ever heard Samus referred to as the “yellow bomber”? I just need to ask that. As for the demo, it ain’t bad, although I would prefer that the programmers stop wasting time making little demos and concentrate on the real one.

Megaman is known as the Blue Bomber, and Samus is often compared to Megaman–and has a yellow suit. So…

And what do you mean, wasting time making little demos?! This is the ENGINE! Not a demo, this is what the demo USES! It’s not a ‘little demo’, its a sample of how the game will play. -.-