i think for every topic instead of a metroid heat it should be a metroid morph ball!!!

Uh, yeah, I think you mean:

“I think that, instead of a Samus Helmet for each topic symbol, the picture should be a morph ball.”

Well, the answer is basically: Probably won’t happen. If you want it to, you need to find out where a good picture of a morphball is (or make one) and get the Admins to change it. But again, the chances of them doing so is basically nil, as this setup has been here for awhile and is already established.

Still, that doesn’t mean the skin won’t get an overhaul eventually, but it may or may not use a morphball picture.

i hope they can change it :smiley:

Well, Chester, you will have to take it up with the admins (or maybe even moderators? No wait, they don’t handle that) if you want to get it changed. After all, sitting around doing nothing doesn’t get the job done!

Don’t count on it, the forum skin will not be changed…