Phoenixan Sprites


Okay, that’s still a work in progress. I have a previous sheet that’s about a year old, but they were beginning to look ugly to me. I’ve been building these for a Rayman fangame I’ve been working on for… a while. I’m almost done with the game though, and I hope to help out here when I’m finished.

Any comments/critizism is apprechiated. :slight_smile:

Those are pretty good, I like the blue fire.
Rayman needs a bit more shading on his coat/jacket.

Well, I can try dithering shading maybe… I’m mainly trying to keep the colors down to a SNES level. (Though… yeah… he already has 20 colors or more per sprite. _ _)

I appologize for bumping this, but I updated the image above. I decided to change the character’s hair to something that suited the character a little better. I hope I improved the shading too… If you think that I should add some dithering to make it a little smoother I can.

please dont dbl post it makes dazzy very mad… anyway looks pretty good all but 1 thing i noticed pretty quick that i tend to do… his coat has a gradient shade… overall sprite is good just not the coat coloring.

The double post was over a mont between, so obviously it’s aallowed if it’s an update. :sweat:
And Ryan, those are looking pretty xsome!

Double posts are also acceptible for work thread updates, so no big.

I have one question about the sprites, where did that super cool blue fire thing go too? :neutral_face:

what do u mean work threads like any of “so and so’s” sprite thread? i just wanted to clear it up before i start dbl posting on all the graphics boards! lol kidding.

[your name here]'s image thread
[your name here]'s fangame
You know, stuff like that.

Well, I was forced to redo all his weapons since making the game run at a smaller resolution. Here are the updated versions of the fireball attacks though.

I had to keep them under 16 pixels in height, and the previous blue one took up about 22 pixels. ^^;

I’ll be adding on all the weapons into the sheet again after I’m finished with them all. There’s actually more weapons in the full game then there were in the demo. (And I opened a topic in my own boards to come up with more for the multiplayer levels… Multiplayer battles are pretty bland with only 5 weapons to use.)

Thanks for the comments guys!


I added in some dither shading to Phoenixan’s coat. I hope that helps.

I know that this is a major bump, but I made another update with an animation, reupload of the sheet, and a healthbar.

The parts on the left side make up the healthbar. It’s sepparated into different parts to make it dynamic. (GM6 Download for Example) On the right is the status bar. There are Plasma Crystals you collect, which can be used to by ammo, updates, or supply energy to open gates and activate routes to continue onto different levels. The parts on the bottom are pieces of the top right part, which are identifiers for your active weapon.

In the full game, I have a system similar to how Super Metroid was in place, in which, if you’re not near any characters or other interactive objects, you press the “action” button to toggle through your weapons. (In Super Metroid’s case, you pressed Select to toggle through your weapons.)