Phoenixan: Fire Under Siege

My Introduction:
After having a long chat with Megan, it’s really time to get this game done. I’ve decided to get a group of artists together, and we will finish this game. Some things may have to be restarted to get the whole development back on track, but it’ll be worth it just to get this game released.

What is Fire Under Siege today?
Fire Under Siege started as a simple Rayman platformer (last demo can be downloaded here: ) with Rayman 3 styled timed power ups.

Today, the goal is a free-roaming platform game based upon exploration and the usage of two groups of obtained powers. These two groups are FIRE and SHADOW. Phoenixan can switch between either ability by seeking and using a shrine. Exploration is dependent upon the usage of either of these two elements.

Phoenixan can avoid taking damage from lava or fire while in FIRE elemental mode.
He will take damage in SHADOW elemental mode because he is no longer protected by his natural abilities.

Phoenixan can use fire attacks to destroy enemies in FIRE elemental mode.
Some enemies (robots) or obstacles (electrical power fields) are more vulnerable to electrical attacks. You gain usage of electrical attacks in SHADOW elemental mode.[/i]

In the end, there should be a full-length adventure complete with a tied-in story that unfolds as you play along.

What is the story?
You, as Phoenixan, wake to find your home city under attack by the space pirates. They make off with a set of plans to a super weapon your people have been working on and developing for years. You set off after the pirate leader, which has taken the set of plans with him, only to find that he has sold them to another group that you must face.

This trek takes you from your home city-state of Rintu, through caves, mountains, forests, swamps, and beaches and eventually to space, where the game finishes.

This game takes place alongside Rayman 2’s time line.

Who is Phoenixan?
Phoenixan is a ray who resides in the city-state of Rintu. Rintu is a desert society, consisting of rays who rely mostly upon technology. Phoenixan is special, where he was born with the ability to control FIRE.

After death, he came back through a deal with a creature known as the SHADOW KEEPER, who bestowed upon him the ability to control the SHADOW element.

He has family ties with Rayman, thus sometimes, the fairies and teensies might leave things behind for him simply by mistake… including ways into the Hall of Doors on occasion…

How does it look?
(Screenshots from last demo over a year ago…)…n/phxn_old2.png…an/phxn_old.png…/screen34vi.png…/screen42fs.png

(Screenshots pre-6/2/08)

(Screenshots 12/6/08 and after)

So what can I do?
Apply for doing art, I will try to help out, post concept art, work with everyone. Or you can just hang out and discuss the game (maybe we’ll come up with great ideas to include). You can even just bring up whatever you always wanted to see in Rayman, and maybe we can all come up with some great new mechanic that’s never been conceived of before! Whatever… ;D

You can also support this project by linking to this topic with a userbar.

Old Userbar


New Userbar! (7/5/08)


I’m also making a shadow version, to go with the whole “fire/shadow” theme.

Update for October 19, 2008
Video of the intro and a piece of the menus. Gameplay will follow soon. (Or at least, when I have more of the sprites in, and Phoenixan isn’t being attacked by a green mask place-holder block at points. :stuck_out_tongue:)

This game will be finished!

Does the demo work for mac?

Unfortunately, no… It was built using GameMaker. After I’m done with this version though, I might be working on a Flash version with a friend. That won’t turn out exactly the same though. ^^;

Ah, I remember this at 64digits. I decided not to fool around it then, but trying it now, it’s pretty good.

The engine is more run around slowly, run up to bad guy and hope you don’t accidently get hit, more than anything. It’s alright, but it would be better if the physics were spiced up a little. (This IS months old though, and you said in your first post you were changing the sprites and such, so apparently it will be better then. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Overall, it’s better than the abundance of Mario clones you see all the time. Keep working on it. =)


And yeah, there’s way too many Mario clones out there… This is actually the first Rayman fangame that’s ever had any hopes of succeeding. There’s another one coming made by another group that my project spawned, but it seems to be going pretty slowly.

And I did try changing some things for the full version when it came to fighting… Especially in the area of AI. =)

I just decided to edit the first post instead of making a new topic. This project is indeed old, but it’s still being worked on, more-so now than it was before since I’m out of school and moving onto college. And I’ll get some updated screenshots here pretty soon… I’m releasing the final game next, and not another demo. :stuck_out_tongue:

your progressing quite well.congrats! :clap:

Thanks! ^^

And I forgot about some animations I wanted to show off that go into the final game.

I know some of them probably aren’t as smooth as they should be, but they’re certainly improvements from the demo. :sweat:

is there going to be a running animation?

Well, that one before his walk is actually his running… except in the game, it runs faster than the gif here and looks a bit more proper.

that…is badass

Kay… but why doesn’t he lift his legs when he’s running?

Yeah… Rayman doesn’t have legs… :sweat:

robot pirate is pretty cool,not sure about the second one though.

Feet, then. I don’t shuffle along to get places faster. ?_?

He does, but very slightly.

Oh, I guess I don’t really play much Rayman…

In Rayman advance he doesn’t walk like that.

True, but I only tried using 6 frames because I got a little lazy, so he does lift up his feet in the perspective of the game, but… as for Rayman Advance and Rayman 3 GBA, yeah, they actually use up to 20 frames for a single walking and running animation… .__.; Which despite the large spritesheet, I kind of didn’t have the patience to emulate. XD

I decided to update this topic, updating the first post with information also posted on The Pirate Community. It’s been a while since I’ve even posted here, but I decided to update anyway, since some interest was shown here before.

Pretty much, the game has come a long way since I last posted with the demo and all. Animations are generally smoother, lighting improved, and gameplay mechanics changed slightly.

Oh, and I’d also like to leave some notes about the engine I’ve developed:

  • Dyanmic ledge hanging included.
  • Running/Walking/Super Running along terrain of all shapes (you can draw a random squiggle in paint and he’ll stick to it just fine).
  • Allows for multiple powers in multiple sets.
  • Dynamic room changing, allowing for a person to explore different rooms and backtrack at will (semi-Metroid styled).
  • Other actions essential to the usual Rayman platforming style also included, such as purple lum swinging, climbing ladders, or riding on solid and non-solid moving platforms.
  • New Dynamic Sprite-Based Lighting Engine (completely custom, runs at about 600 fps uncapped on my computer in GameMaker with roughly 100 lighting objects at once in a 640x480 sized room). Custom-made to mostly allow for added lights for effects like electricity.
    This isn’t really a to-do list, but rather a list of things that it can do right this second.

Oh yeah, and all text inside the game (menus, dialog, signs, etc.) are all in external encrypted txt files. Pretty much, the game is going to have French, German, and localization packs available.

Some of my friends have already joked around with a “Canadian” pack as well. :smiley: “THEY STOLE OUR KRAFT DINNERS, EH!”

Good day.