Phazon suit MZM

ok…heres a cool recolor i made…

Umm, the phazon suit doesn’t have a red and blue torso, the suit isn’t dark red, the visor isn’t supposed to be beige, and what the hell is the beam she has on?

Yeah, the visor is red, the rest is mostly black, including the helmet. The beam is the standard ZM arm cannon unaltered. It’s only a recolor, not a new sprite…

i said its a recolor, and its not final…

Prime, maybe you should put all you work in a single thread like Daz and then update the topic entry with new pics. Sorry to say, but these constant new threads are getting annoying.

Hey Prime, here’s a crazy idea that might just work: Instead of stealing/recoloring other resources, why don’t you try making something ORIGINAL?

At the very least, if you are gonna recolor something at least recolor it right. A monkeys can recolor a sprite for God’s sake, and can probably do it better than you in the process…

goes to search for a monkey for a test

Edit: Oh, and by the way, not to ruin Daz’s fun, but:

i think he locked my other one…

Which one was it? Give me a link to it and I can probably tell you why… :sweat:

He stole a sprite of Dark Samus and put it up and it was from Metroid Net Mission.
And Prime make a custom one, not recolored.


I banned you for that incident. Why are you back? HOW are you back?

Meh. re-ban