Phazon Ship/Suit

okay i need constructive criticism about these. ive seen people get enraged over crappy spriting before so…

if you absolutely hate them dont post ill get the hint >_>

oh and just to be safe, i didnt make these completely from scratch, i recolored them completely myself though.

It’s actually pretty cool looking. But it’s still a recolor. :frowning:

BTW, can someone friggin bump my thread, i’ve triple updated it.

is recoloring not as cool? i guess so. >_> i think its cool looking. i guess ill have to move on from recoloring to making my own. >_<

A freaking monkey with a mouse can recolor. It requires no skill or talent whatsoever, just the ability to tell “light grey is lighter than dark grey, so don’t shade dark with light shadows” and such. :\

Why even bother posting and asking for comments if you didn’t even DO anything to comment on?

too hard to resist? i suppose im a monkey with a mouse then.

idc if thats a recolor its really cool =)

even a recolor requires some bit of skill daz, and i have seen monkeys do lots of things i cant do, like ride a unicycle, so i think the monkey thing may be out a bit…

…anyways, they look cool but you might want to make some major edits to them, otherwise it is just a recolor, edits would make it more phazony than recolor.

No, it doesn’t require almost ANY skill!

no one should care how much skill it took…its still really cool.

It’s also really unoriginal and not at all a show of what he can do and will not help him become a better spriter or anything like that. “Looking really cool” doesn’t do jack in the end.

im not saying it will help…im just saying…it looks cool