Phantasy Star Universe

Okay so PSU has been in development for awhile and I’ve been meaning forever to make a topic here. Now that it’s getting closer to coming out I figured I would. I’m just wondering if anyone is as excited as I am about this, and what everyone’s opinion of the game is. I for one think it will be very awesome, because it seems that they are fixing all the faults that PSO had. Tht being said, chat it up.

never played it…what type of game is it? :confused:

OMG THE BLASPHEMY!!!1111111!!!
Ok Dazzy I’m done :sweat:
It is a MMORPG originally for the XBox. Other games include:
Phantasy Star (DC?)
Phantasy Star Online Ep 1&2 (GC)
Phantasy Star Online Ep 3: C.A.R.D. Revolution (GC)
Phatasy Star Online Blue Burst (PC) (Note that it is Japanese only but there is a universal/english version)

Umm no. PSO was for DC originally, then it was made for GC. PSU hasn’t even come out yet like I said and XBox was the last system they decided to make it for. I’m getting it for PC but it is also available for PS2. To those of you who have a gamecube but not PSO, I would recommend getting it. Even if you don’t play online (like me) it’s still loads of fun.

More info about everything Phantasy Star here

PSO = $7-$8 per month
I make: $8 per month
If I get a Hunter’s Liscense I will save: $0 per month
If my mom finds out and gets mad I will: Die

…8 dollars a month eh?…guessing the income comes from under the couch?

No I’m not old enough to work :astonished: