i have four cats,one fish,one dog,and some sea monkeys.

cat#1:his name is dumass.he is black and very fat.
cat#2:her name is rosie.she is white and destructive.
cat#3:her name is uli.she is striped black and brown,and has too many babies.
cat#4:her name is bottines.she is black and white and extremely fat.
fish:his/her name is bubble.he/she is a goldfish and likes to eat bubbles.
dog:his name is boogy.he is a big sheepdog and is very funny to watch.
sea monkeys:they are sea monkeys!

I have a hamster whose name is Hamsty… XD!

i have nothing… i am all alone… :cry:

too bad for you! :laughing:

I have a brown cat with black stripes named Felix. He’s wonderful. He’s calm, friendly, and never once has bitten me or scratched me on purpose. He’s a real sook - give him a belly scratch and he’ll be asleep in five minutes :smiley:.

Occasionally, when he’s frightened, he’ll get down low and scoot down the hallway, and he looks like a moving carpet. The name stuck - we always introduce him as Felix, our furry, moving carpet.

I couldn’t ask for a better pet.

I have umm,
3 cats
1 bird
1 or 2 fish, I think one ate the other, lol
and thats it!
My cats names are Smokie, Baron and Buddy.
Baron is a very nice cat, he’ll greet anyone that walks through the door and try to be friends with them
Buddy, is also nice but he likes to play alot and always wants you to be playing with him
Smokie, acts really dignified like she is the best cat in the house and demands you to pet her if you come near her, and overall is also nice.
My bird Tic-Tic is a parakeet, she likes to chirp, A LOT.
And the fish, well they’re fish.

i once have a cat

I have one kitten. Abby’s really cute, but she’s annoying and always runs into walls >_>;


Walking along…




I have a cat…retarted one…Her name is Tisha(not what I chose)…
I also have 6 fishes,Oh wait one just died(that sucks)

Yeah, except she runs >_>;

I had a goldfish who lived 'till it was 7, which is quite long for goldfish. He was the best. I had staring contests with him and when he saw me coming he would go right up close and try to say hi. He was awesome. I was devestated when he passed away.

I don’t think fish can think, let alone say hi.

i’m pretty sure he means that his fish would come up to him in a way of saying hi.

Exactly. And all animals can think… if it can move, it can think.

It’s called “exaggeration”

Yes, Daz, I got it right this time :smiley:

Just a comment - Yeah, even a goldfish can think. Every animal with a brain, no matter how tiny, can think. Mental capacity might be near-nonexistant in an animal, like in a small goldfish, but there is a liiiiittle bit.

Just like in humans, every animal is different in terms of intelligence. You have smart goldfish and dumb goldfish. You have smart dogs and dumb dogs. You have… do I really need to go on?

The only animals that cannot think (that I know of) are single-celled organisms (which don’t really count as animals at all) and jellyfish.

Don’t Jelley Fish eat? If so, they would need to think. LOL, My Goldfish was smaaaart!

I said I was exaggerating! Get over it! :angry:

Whoops, crap. Didn’t see your “I was exaggerating” post. Sorry. :blush: