what pets do you have?
i have 4 cats, a dog, 3 birds, 3 fish, and a chinchilla =D

I have:


he is okay but he sometimes pees on the carpet… even though he’s somewhat potty trained; he usually goes out in the yard.

xD cute
i used to have a little bunny
his name was Boo Boo xD

I just have a menagerie of peeves.

my rabbit’s name is smokey but we usually just call him rabbit or bunny xD

now my pet’s names xDDD
cat 1, Boogey aka Booger
cat 2, Sierra aka R-R
cat 3, Kittens aka Keatons
cat 4 (the actual kitten) Miss Veronica Corningstone

Fish 1, Angel aka Dust
Fish 2, little stripy thing xD
fish 3, kitty fish

Bird 1, tweety
bird 2, Dr. Nibbles (don’t ask, i was a tiny person when i got him)
bird 3, un named O.o

CHINCHILLA - Gus Gus aka Gus Bus aka Agustus aka The Train

dog is petie… he’s lame

what’s with all the AKAs? xD

that’s like 20 names in all lol

theres plenty more
just didnt fell like listing them all
and most of the akas are what we usually call them xD
Kittens has a ton of AKAs
Boogey has a few more
Sierra has only one more

A crested gecko, a leopard gecko, a skink, and an anole. I’m a reptile person, can you tell?

The geckos have such funny personalities.

The crested gecko loves being watched, not touched, she’ll show off her mad wall climbing skills on my monitor… She’s also notoriously ticklish.

The leopard gecko is curious about everything. She’ll lick everything, and given the chance hide where you’ll never see her, but she’ll see you. Like DVD boxes and backpacks.

i love reptiles
but im out of room for pets =/

and lol, sweeeeet

Two bichon frises and three shrimp. Louie and Lizzy, and Elvis, Jesus and Spike.

A rabbit called Lillen. He’s big as a freaking hare.

1 dog: Boogy

3 cats: Dumbass, Leopold, Bottines (Boots in english)

2 Birds: Dezzy, Moose

1 snake: Zoltor

1 temporary butterfly: Sparkles

Yes, Dumbass is his name, and it’s an accurate one at that.

xD sweet
my dog should be named dumbass

I have a laptop.

I name it lappy.


ZOMG, what a coincidence. My computer’s named Compy <3
(Okay, not really, it’s currently Awexome and AwexomeVista depending on XP or Vista, but I CALL it compy…)

Mine’s named after its father, Timmy.


To be honest, I didn’t even know the reference when I posted that (I’ve never played strong bad).

But I LOL’d.