Pepsi or Coke?

Which do you perfer?

  • Coke
  • Pepsi
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I got into this big argument on which is better

I hope people will go with me, and say pepsi.

Coke was originally intended as a medical drink. Yum. Medical drink…

COKE!!! and it was actually made with cokaine, umm… cokaine-a-cola! :mrgreen: . anyway, i don’t know if it was intended ot be used for medical reasons though. i grew up drinkin coke though. that’s why i could never go to sleep until it was 4 in the morning. but coke definetley.

It was only made with cocaine a long time ago, back in the medical drink days. Yum. Cocaine medical drink.

Base: Coke.
Variants: Pepsi.


I won my PS2 from Pepsi when it was 500 dollars a 1 in 2000 chance. So I like Pepsi for that, but coke tastes better. but my fave cola is RC

Curse everyone else, and the amazing luck that comes with it. :imp:

oh well, coke is winning! hahahaha! it’s cuz pepsi copied off of coke or something. i’m at least pretty sure coke came first.

Coca-Cola is supreme! Pepsi IMO sucks big time. I have trouble just drinking a bottle of it.

Pepsi isn’t bad. Coke is just better. :slight_smile:

Omg, this is lame cuz you didn’t include Other in t3h poll! Nah, not really. But I prefer Mountain Dew over any other soda chains. v_v

I vote Coke.

Mountain Dew is made by Pepsi

Mountain Dew is loaded with caffeine. Ugh.

I vote coke :stuck_out_tongue:

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Coke is sweater and fizzier. I find when drinking pepsi it seems watered down in comparison…

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