pc or laptop?

i prefer laptop, coz i got it coz it is portable and has wireless n stuff.

I prefer a PC because I can modify it far more easily, fit more in it, and I don’t have to worry about dropping it or rendering it useless by breaking the only screen it has.

(I broke my laptop’s screen in half a few days ago.)

thats because laptops are more delicate, and require constant attention. thats why im on mine 18 hours a day.

pc wuz my choice.

well… i wish i had a good pc, but heres the thing.

laptop: you pay a lot for portability. you could get the same specs on a desktop computer for a LOOOTTT less. and the speed and performance of laptops is never quite caught up to the performance of awsome desktop compys. i have both however. so i dont have to really choose one or the other. lol.

Laptop. Mine is bulletproof, so I will not die if someone shoot me in the back with a sissy handgun. Thank you Apple.

I play games on my XBOX’es and my Nintendo 64’s, so I don’t need a stationary computer. If I would need one someday, then it would be a Mac Pro.

Well, I’m rarely on a Laptop, so PC it is.

PC FTW!!! Why?
1.) Cheaper! Who really wants to pay that much for portability?
2.) Able to modify more! If that graphics card ain’t cutting it for Oblivion anymore I can just uninstall and swap! Laptaps on the other hand…
3.) Harder to break! One drop of a laptop = ~$1000 lost. One drop of a PC = impossible!

exactly. desktops are better. now i just need to replace… everything in my desktop. my mother board and harddrive… a new power unit and fan… most likely a new case too. damn i need a whole new compy.

Of course, given a good enough power converter, you can use a desktop PC in a car, too! (Mine converter is only 100 watts, but my computer tower is 450 watts.)

lawl who would want a comp in your car? too much clutter…

Do you really have to ask?


I pretty much use my car as a mobile battery. I store 12-volt battery packs in it and use DC to AC power converters all the time. :stuck_out_tongue: