Passwords on Metroid (NES)

I’m having a giddy little time using ‘Metpass’ to create the skeleton for a password and then using a MPG to check it. I’ve come up with two so far involving Kraid and Ridley’s names. Unfortunately I’ll have to work out the last two digits. As it seems I can’t touch those without screwing the pass up. (blaaaah)
But try them out if you have the original Metroid on a console, Emulator or something.

kraids unfort unate- end-Jo

Maru Mari
Long Beam
Wave Beam
Ice Beam

12 Missile Tanks
126 starting missiles
6 Energy Tanks

Both statues raised
Bosses alive

Starting location: Kraid’s Lair

Armor- Normal suit

ridley meets- hisown end-3s

Screw Attack

11 Missile Tanks
191 Starting Missiles
5 Energy Tanks

No statues raised
Ridley Dead

Armor- Armorless, Not sure if Varia is in effect.

I’ll attempt adding more when I feel like toying with the password digits again.
This password making stuff really isn’t special or hard.
The only hard part is the last two digits as they defeat the, IT’S A SENTENCE, legitamacy.

So post up your own or tell me how mine suck. lawl.

Err. ya you can find password gens with a quick Google Search.

That’s probably what he’s using. >_>

The point of the topic is to make “sentence” passwords. Like his example of “kraids unfort unate- end-Jo”.

But, as he said, the last two letters are there to block passwords that it knows are invalid, so you have to enter everything before them and to get them, and you’re probably not going to be lucky enough to have them finish your phrase correctly.

Notice how I pointed out that I’m using a Metroid Password Generator. Which just so happens to be the name of the program. XD
(Guessing the ‘>_>’ is disappointment)

Other than that yes, the last two digits are a struggle to deal with.
Although I like how dynamic each bit is in Metroid’s Password system.

And so I make one involving Steve, the Ripper.

steve- thecra zed-ri pperNs
Intended=steve the crazed ripper

Maru Mari
Long Beam
Wave Beam
Screw Attack

Start in Ridley’s Lair

15 Missile Tanks
189 starting missiles
6 energy tanks

Kraid and Ridley Dead
Kraid Statue Raised

Mother Brain is Dead