Paper Metroid

Who wants to help :confused:

Umm…maybe you would actually want to give us something in terms of a storyline, or maybe even some samples of what kind of work you would want us to make or somethin…what am I even saying?! You’re just a stupid noob who joined here and decided “i’ll come up with a fangame name and have people make it for me!!”

Daz, if you read this, you should seriously consider making a warning system for people who keep doing this, cause this is getting ridiculous.

The Space Pirates were doing some weird experiment with phazon it exploded and made a weird wormhole. Samus was on her way to another mission when she detected a strange gravitational field she went to check it out and was pulled in and worped to a diffrent demetion. :stuck_out_tongue: How about that

I would consider doing that for repeat offenders perhaps, especially since we have a sticky about it… but this guy’s new, ja?

…I think it is a good idea… the storyline needs more work… an I might want to see some of your work before I say I want to help. And it feels like you saw the fangame section the minute you joined the forums and decided to start one without the knowledge that it is really hard…

I think that this sounds like one of the coolest ideas ever to grace any fangame board!!!
Okay, that’s a hyperbole, but I love this idea! Would it be something similar to Paper Mario, with partners and such?

I hope so. it would be great if you had a team of professionals like P2D. I don’t want to see this fangame fall through.

I’m open for ides :smiley: and I need some help on the engine.

lean gm and program ur own…other wise, what are YOU going to do in this project? <_<

That sounded like an insult to Metroid Nebulus… :sweat:
Back on topic:
You should make a website or maybe just a forum.

i actually tried to make the engine…but i dont want this to be a spam topic

I have Game Maker but I need help. And I had alreddy put alot of though into this

If it helps any, I can do some sprites during some of my free time…
Something like this:

By the way, I’ve been working on a basic PM engine for some time now, but I’m already programming for someone else…

If you want, I can send you that engine to help you to learn GM.

That is a great sprite. One question, will this 2D, 2D? Or Paper Mario 2D? Like it’s kind of 3D?

It should be 3D because otherwise it is just p2d with some revamped graphics

It’s possible to create a 2 dimensional sidescroller with paper like graphics for character models. I’ve seen it before.

The game will look like paper mario I have Samus sprites I need tilesetets and backrounds and enimes. Hey how do you post pics

Go to, click on browse, find and selesct your image, click upload, copy the ‘direct link to image’ url, come here, in a post click the img button, paste the url, then click the img button once more and you’re set.

or u can use to host ur image but i think it sucks. back on topic. this oh and DM this wont be just a p2d, its a whole new story line. duh.

No one told me this was a remake of Prime using paper looking models/sprites!!! !! ??