Pandoras box

what if we post something in this topic,and then desapear with him for…lets say, two years, then we open it again to see what is write!

i mean we post a cool mesage from ourselves and then after a lot of time when we forgot about this the mesage come back,

what you think? (pointing at the monitor)

Nice idea. Although I don’t see how it would work…

well,i supose a mod could made the topic invisible for a year?

why don’t just don’t post in it!

haaahmm…yhea… we could do this too but… you know i think after a year the topic will be not even in the last pages

It could be possible that after a year nothing will be changed. What exactly do you think will happen?

Topics can’t be made invisible, but they can be moved to a section where they can’t be viewed. I dunno, I don’t think it’s much of an idea, but if it gets a lot of posts I can take care of that.

Also, I think you have your names a bit mixed. :wink: That’d be a time capsule of sorts, which has nothing to do with Pandora. A Pandora’s box is an allusory ‘thing that should never be opened’, not something to open after a year.

hahahahah my falt! well, Harpu i think you undestand, people wouldnt be posting for a year, they will post in a certain time and then they will read their post after a year, ok i will warn everone by MP soon so the ones who want can join the pandora time box

don’t really understand the use of this, can anyone explain it again ?

ok i’ll post first to give an idea of what im saying:

Hey Knuckle!! its me knuckle!! HAH got you surprised huh?! well,is been a year since you wrote this man!! ok,where do i start… i want to do a few questions!

1.Is 26/12/06 there right? OK then you played the frigate demo yet? how it looks?!

2.those guys stoped give on your nerves ? yhea those sonysts that was cursing nintendo! damm they ruined a lot of my gaming experiences these days… i hope they are gone now

3.hey you are from the future!! so you can tell me things!! did the money that you got on xmas was engough to aford twilight princess?! man please!! dont tell me!! i know you, i know that if the money wasn’t engough you woudn’t go back home with nothing in your hands, you spended all the money did you?! HOH MAN!! how could you do that!! thats why you passed 5 months without a memory card damit!! now the only chance to buy the new zelda is on next xmas… and the zelda will be not even new anymore… hey… next xmas? but if is december 26ht then you arealy got twilight anyway!! YHEA!! you playing zelda right now?! hoh baby!! im so jealous!! must be a hell of a game!! good , a great future waits me!! thanks man, see ya!!

I like it. It’s a good idea.

Hey, maybe we could write stuff like "Have you gone out with Sarah yet? Are you STILL to chicken? Has Dr. House fired Foreman yet? Is that show cancelled? Damn.

well… is a message for yourself…so i think you can write these things but i think it would be more fun if the other users have a idea of what you saying

Yeah, this is a neat idea, now that I think about it. I say FULL STEAM AHEED! Erm… aheaed? Ah… Aheeee…Ahed! Ahead! Yeah, that’s it! Erm… yeah. Full steam ahead.


hahaha alright I get it, its a fun idea indeed :smiley:

So, where do write the cool stuff to ourselves? Will you make a new section?

you can write right here, or make a new section, and then we hope that dazzy do the topic thing :smiley:

this idea worked soo well in another forum, i just received a message that i wroted in 2002 for myself, was a lot of fun ! i wish it work here too,

Alright, here’s my message to myself:

Hey, myself! This is you from 12/31 of 2005! You won’t remember a thing of this, I’ll bet, by the time you open it. It’s 2006 there, isn’t it? Do you have the revolution? Right now I’m really hoping that the revolution isn’t a flop… it probably seems funny to you, as it’s kinda funny to see something you wrote before such and such happened. Right now I’ve just received Symphony of Samus - I’m loving it. Do you still play it now?

How’s Prime 2D? Is it great? Did it work out? Have they finished it yet? I think it’s gonna rock, but hey, anything could happen… sadly, not every project can suceed. So, did it?

I wonder… how many new inventions are there? Is there something actually significant in the masses of new inventions? Have we made breakthroughs in anything?

How’s Bob and George going? Has it finished yet? I dread the day when it comes to a halt… but oh well, all good things…

Well, I don’t really have much more to say, so I’ll end this on that note. I hope you’re surprised!

Massage to myself(Jan 01,2006 12:41(2005 just ended…Im getting Old X_X):

1.How is PS3?
2.Did I get Unreal Tournament 2007 and Killzone 2?Maybe Resident Evil 5 or Devil may Cry 4 for PS3?
3.Did my PSP break?
4.Does my gamecube mod work?
5.Am I still crazy?

Message to myself (TDJ) (1 januari 2006)

  1. How’s the REV, is metroid prime 3 awesome ??
  2. Do you pwn everyone in the world with Metroid prime Hunters
  3. Can you ollie more than 1 deck with skateboarding ?

that’s all

I’m writing this on Jan. 1 2005…
Okay… Hi Myself in the future. Well, I guess for you it’s not quite the future, it’s the preasant(Spell?). Okay, have you got the rev yet? Something tells me everyone else in this forum has asked that same question. So I guess since it’s a day after new years, the flame parade has happened. Did they let you in? Or are you pissed cause they didn’t, even though you’re only a weak too young? Have you finished that Living Language Teach Yourself Japanese set yet? Is MP3 fun? I’ll talk to you later in this forum, right now I gotta go in the hot tub. See ya!!!