ok…does any1 has a link for the download
my paint got deleated by accident

Lol, is there a download? Thats quite funny, are you sure you don’t have an extra copy hidden in your computer? I know that most things don’t just dissappear when you delete them, but I forgot where the files are.

no…my friend deleated it from Add/Romove Programs in the control panel

Oh. Why the hell would he do that?

Maybe beacouse it sucks?

paint owns u all… dude paint doesnt suck. i started using it in my sprites quite a while ago. its just as good as photoshop, and better, because of the see-through background thing.

zone : i suppose that if you search in the downloads section it would have a link.

photoshop sucks for sprites
and my friend did that becouse:
1)hes annoyed that i never did anything besides make sprites(this was a while back)
2)hes an idiot

My suspicions were correct…

i found paint…but its for Windowns 95

if hes annoying and hates u then y are u his friend? scratches head

he dosent hate me…i hate him
and hes not my friend anymore

Microsoft Paint is pure crap, and what makes Photoshop bad?

Can you save a gif-animation in Paint? ha ha ha :smiley:>

photshop sucks for sprites…get back on topic

butch, photoshop sucks for most sprites, paint rules, you have been outvoted by the rest of the world, get over it, and i dont think that paint matter which windows it is for, does it?

yes…its very different
Im looking for the1 you get with XP,can any1 upload the files?

sorry, dude. cant help u there. i got a millenium edition. >_>

dosent matter…as long as its not 95[pain]

I shall help for I know where it is on my computer, please hold…

edit: i got the xp mspaint here. (Download)

if you need win 98, tell me and ill get it toworrow :wink: :wink:

thats what I needed

…Okay, this has been REALLY bothering me lately. You guys are just arguing over the stupidest thing, with Paint and Photoshop. And it’s frustrating me to no end. Let me just clear things up here:

Paint is not pure crap, because spriting is easy and it can do things very quickly. It’s just for speed with simple things, mainly. Want to just quick switch two things around in a sprite? Want to change one pixel? Want to draw a line? Want to draw some single-layer sprites? Use Paint. It’ll open and save faster. And there aren’t so many buttons and options all over the place that you need to click all over the place and change tons of settings just to draw a pixel-thick black solid line. Yeah, it has its problems, but it’s not pure crap and doesn’t suck. That’s really exaggerating.

Photoshop and other programs do not suck for sprites, because they have all the features of Paint along with many more. They are for longer projects and doing more than a few changes or something simple with effects. Making a sig? Making something with different layers? Making any detailed effects? Backgrounds? Etc. etc. etc. Then you should use Photoshop/other programs. They don’t suck for sprites, since they can do exactly what Paint can. They may take you a little longer to do things, messing with all the options constantly and stuff, but the extra power makes up for that.

They’re both aimed for completely different things. Neither is bad. You guys should be arguing over something more worth your time if you really need to be arguing about something. Please. This really angers me every time I come here because it seems like this is all you guys can talk about. The point of the topic was just to get the XP Paint executable file, and this argument has to come up again. Come on, you’re better than this.