I was wondering how do people make perfect sprites in paint.When ever i see a sprite it seems exactly the same as the game person.For example,i’ve seen a super metroid samus created by someone and that samus looks exactly the same as the game samus.Can someone tell me how can you do that? :confused:

Well, if she looks exactly the same as the game Samus, it probably is the game Samus. If you just mean it looks as good as the game Samus, that just means they have a lot of practice. I’m sure you can get a talented spriter on these forums to help you learn how, if you want. If no one steps up to the plate, I might see what I can do. :slight_smile:

or, like me, i didnt have to practice that much to get the gist of it, and now im spriting really good (or i think really good)

you just need alot of patience and free time, and you’ll be making 1337 sprites in no time!

Look at these sprites they look exactly like the game :confused:

Those are the in-game sprites.

How can they get it on there pc or mac :confused: .Can you plug your gba to your pc or mac :confused:


Super Metroid is for the SNES.

But yes. People actually plug their game systems into their PC’s to copy the game ROM onto the computer, then they upload them for thousands of people to illegally download.

Or if they were extremely patient they could look at the sprites and copy them as closely as they could using paint :wink:

How can you plug your gba to your computer :confused:

With a backup machine. I own one, but for Nintendo 64.

Where can you get a backup machine :confused:

umm i have no idea where, but, an emulator might be better for u. You’re looking for snes sprites right?

I’m was just wondering how do people make good sprites in paint.

then y were u asking about emulators?:confused:?:confused:?

Making good sprites in Paint is the same way you would make good sprites in any other program. Zoom in, grab a painting tool, and sprite away. That’s why it takes a lot of practice.

If you’re wondering about ripped sprites, however, that has been explained. People get the ROMs by basically hooking up their console to their computer. Once they have the ROMs, they use something called an Emulator (for older games at least–newer consoles would have their own special programs I would guess) to rip the sprites from them. An emulator reads the ROM just like the console would, meaning you can play those games on your computer (if it’s a good enough emulator). Emulators usually give more options than the consoles, so you can rip sprites and sound and all that stuff.

And obviously not all of this is legal.

No, you’re asking how to rip sprites directly. And that requires you to use illegal programs that we can’t supply, but are sadly a necessity. Those sprites you linked are NOT made in Paint. They were taken directly out of the game.

i do that…If i can get it off my old comp I can show you a Metroid1 sprite I got doing that.
(I can see small lines seperating pixels on my DS.)

Emulators are legal.

Having a ROM on your computer is legal.

Backing up a ROM to your computer from your console is legal.

Downloading a ROM from the Internet is illegal.

[This has been a word from Nintendo’s license agreement.]

thats retarded…