P2D Tech Demo 6-9-13

I don’t think this is what anyone expected tonight. Just keep in mind that this is only a tech demo. Check the readme file for more info.

Click here to download

If you are unable to run Windows programs and don’t mind spoiling the surprise, there’s also a YouTube video here

Edit2: (old broken link – seems to not work anymore)

That’s some sexy animation.

Except for the first part.

Which totally didn’t fool me.




i’m on a fucking mac anyone mind doing a youtube? :slight_smile:

On it, stand by.

I just have to say: that music medley was fucking GORGEOUS and incredibly nostalgic and I’m off to go replay Prime again.

Also yay, my sprites! :3


Excuse the quality.

Cheers Phlakes!

Agree with Daz music is excellent!! any chance we can have a copy of it?

Tech Demo looks great!!!

So IIRC the old Net Mission engine allowed for aiming with the mouse. I’m guessing that’s still an option with this engine (and not too heretical since the New Play Control version of Prime exists)?

[sub]Speaking hypothetically of course, don’t want to fall back into speculation with no actual game.[/sub]

YOU GUYS ARE ALIVE. Smiles :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile:

Btw, what are the War Wasp hives supposed to do? I don’t really notice anything change when I get that item.

Glad you guys like it. :slight_smile:
Is it better than my 4-1-13 demo?

So war wasp hives (or “Looming Threat”) speed Flaahgra up by 1.3x. She not only animates faster but also attacks faster, too. It’s not very noticeable if you get it early on but if you’re on a late wave you can see a big difference and it’s very helpful. Her growth and invincibility timings are unaffected.

I don’t have any plans to release the soundtrack right now, but I’m happy that you enjoyed it. In total there are around 7 minutes of music including a fugue and references to over a dozen Metroid tracks (sometimes there are 5 different themes playing simultaneously)… That medley was a significant fraction of the development time, so I hope you guys don’t mind if my next demo doesn’t go quite so nuts with the audio content >.>

Zurg, I find that very hard to believe.

Any plans on making improvements to it as a stand alone game?

I find that the Scythe and Acid Spit upgrades don’t really help that much. My best score was a round where I pretty much exclusively upgraded the tentacle.

Btw, “Tendril” might be a better name than tentacle if you consider that the Flaaghra is a plant.

Would you consider adding a rare “mirror-mode” item that basically creates a duplicate tentacle that deals half damage on the opposite side of where you’re clicking?

Final thought, is there a button to run the game in full-screen? If not, can that be added?

Tendril is a great name! But unfortunately I have to stick with tentacle since “Flaahgra Tentacle” is the official title of the creature in Metroid Prime. (Yes, for some reason they’re a species in the logbook :sweat:)

The tentacle’s usefulness depends on how well you can wield it. Some find it too weak, others love it, but you can only go so far without having to stock up on the other panels. From what I’ve seen, people who get in the 30,000s and 40,000s find some kind of balance between all of the upgrades.

By the way, have you tried a tentacle-only run once the goofy fish appear? You might get to see the other three distractions. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve thought about the possibility of continuing work on DYF. There were a lot of ideas I dropped for the sake of time. My goal for these tech demos is to push my engine to more and more advanced levels, closer to what would be needed to make full Metroidvania games, and I don’t think DYF has much left to offer in that respect. Everything that would be needed to expand the replayability, like hundreds of crate events, multiple locations, a campaign mode, play style bonuses, different run types, etc. is all just more graphics and game scripts. So I think I have to set it aside to keep moving forward. Maybe I’ll come back to it someday :wink:

If you don’t have time to work on it, why not let the rest of us work on it? Not like we’re getting anything done waiting on you :3

That is almost as amazing as the last demo. Good work!

Okay, so here’s an offer (which I just posted in the new artifacts topic):
If anyone here makes any finished contributions to P2D in the next however many months, I’ll find a way to include it in the next demo. Make sure it’s something we would actually add to P2D though, so it would be a good idea to double-check that we don’t already have a good version of what you’re making.

slow clap

Beautiful. I’m terrible at it, but it’s still beautiful.

This is awesome. Just an idea, but you could add the “tech-demo minigames” in to the finished product as an unlockable bonus of some sort. Everyone loves minigames :laughing:

Hello, i would really like to play this game but the download link dosen’t work for me…
can you send a mediafire.4shared or mega download link? :confused: