P2D source code

When will the source code come out? :cry: :imp: :astonished: :unamused:


damn why do people keep assuming everyone can make an p2d copy? why would they do that? after all their hard work do you think anyone would want a bazillion games just like it? i think not >.>


Isn’t MetEngine supposed to be like the Zelda Classic of Metroid, thus meaning exactly what you just said?

Yes, except that MetEngine isn’t what this guy meant.

I didn’t say it was. I said it’d still result in clones.

MetEngine is just a tool, not a miraculous panacea. It takes away the need to code your own stuff, but it still takes a lot of effort and work to get a good game done with it.

But anyway, no, it’s source will never be released.

Unless we employ ninjas >:3

Based on how long DF’s been working on it, I wouldn’t be suprised if the MetEngine would go for Major $$ after P2D comes out.

Which reminds me, is CFX still working on his engine?

Huh? MetEngine is CFX’s engine.

MetEngine? Money? heh, yeah right. If you ask me, I would rather spend my money on Stencyl and get the Chozo Tech kit.

Not to mention that selling it would be illegal.

Actually, it wouldn’t, seeing I have the intellectual rights and copyright for it.

MetEngine is a computer program, and has nothing to do with Metroid by itself, so, it’s not like Nintendo owns it or anything.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t MetEngine CoreFusionX’ and the GM6 Source Destroyer F’s? Lots of people here keep talking about the GM6 version but calling it MetEngine. :confused:

well it is called MetroidEngine and since Metroid is copyrighted to nintendo they have the legal right to give you a C&D order if they feel that you are breaking that copyright and having whole or part of a copyrighted name is copyright infringement.

but ‘MET’ could be anything.

Yes, but it has been made clear on numerous occasions that this is a metroid style engine it doesn’t matter what the name COULD be it’s what the engine IS, it’s a recreation of a franchise lasting since 1986 and a copyright lasts for 70 years has it been 70 years? No infact games in general haven’t been around for HALF that amount of time. Nintendo can sue CFX if he tries to sell ANYTHING that even RESEMBLES any of their franchises (Zelda, Mario, Metroid, The SSMB series) anything that has the nintendo seal on the packaging is under Nintendo copyright, and also the developers copyright, and as long as that copyright keeps getting renewed it will always be protected.

EDIT:Checked my facts Metroid is the only copy right BUT it pertains to all material contain “Metroids”, “Samus” and “Ridley” as they are the usual mainstay in the series (except a for a few) Metroids being the heart of it and Samus being the female Protagonist.
look at this or you’re local laws regarding copyrights but i’m sure that they are the same.

You can’t copyright an engine. It is literally impossible to copyright an engine that is written from scratch, regardless of the mechanics it uses. And it isn’t as though Metroid is the only game with all of those mechanics.

…It’s a game engine. It doesn’t even have resources by itself. :unamused:

Just because it has MET in the beggining doesn’t means it’s metroid. =/ .