P2D Resources

I was wondering why there are only 32 things in the Resources page on your website.
Is it just not updated? Cuz Im reading all these posts on SCU forums saying how many sprites they have and stuff, and there are sprites and backgrounds and stuff there that arent in your Resources. Just wondering. (dont know if this is right place for this Q)

This looks to be the right place… Yes, I believe that the resources page is in fact not updated because of various reasons (i.e. laziness, fear of theft, no time, etc.)

(Can someone check me on that since I’m not really “in the know”?)

We don’t have much else to put up really… The sprite lists at SCU are really outdated. A lot of ‘complete’ sprites were trashed entirely, etc.

Your first sentence makes me uneasy… What’s the actual ratio of “really complete” to not done?

A lot of things are in progress, but we don’t put them up until we have a full animation ready for the gallery for sprites… backgrounds obviously take longer and don’t get shown unless they’re something really exemplary since there are so many, and as for music, there’s only so many we need for now. Everyone’s focusing on the frigate, you see. All progress is going on what’s there. Most things there have at least one animation, and are thus already posted–but not necessarily complete. So we’re working on completing them, not making new things to put on the resources list.

I see. Also, I have read alot of posts and stuff saying that the Frigate is nearly done, as far as sprites/backgrounds go, is there just programming left to finish the demo? Or did u guys just throw away alot of sprites and are trying to redo them?

Most sprites are done, the backgrounds need to be finished though. There are a lot of those.

Correction: Most sprites are MOSTLY done. Lots of them still need touching up and sheeting corrections.

And then there’s the obsessively made ones like my pirates that keep getting remade from scratch every few weeks… >.>

Ya, that’s basically what I meant…

Hey Daz, could you post your latest space pirate sheet? I havent seen the latest ones.


They’re for the frigate, hence the wounds and broken armor.

those are nice, do you know if there are any other types of pirates
done or being worked on? (shadow pirates, ice pirates, ect.)

The P2D team is only focusing on the frigate right now. So… no.

Of course I know. I’m doing them all. <_< And they’re mostly done.

Really? I didn’t know that…>_>
Well, it’s good you’re making progress! :stuck_out_tongue:

If your doing all the pirates, this game is gonna own all fangames!

Sure they are…



-Space Pirate: Mostly done
-Shadow Pirate: Simple conversion of above
-Pirate Troopers: Easy recolors of moderate conversions
-Elite Pirate: About half done
-Flying Pirate: Just needs to be sheeted, really
-Aqua Pirate: Recolor of above
-Phazon Elite/Omega Pirate: Not under my jurisdiction, but coming along okay.

I’m not sure that a recolor of other things should be the basis of your pirates. =P

As far as the Elite, I’ve only seen one pose. <_<

For the flying pirate, I think that needs to be really redone, not just sheeted.